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Cannabis Testimonial: My kids smoked weed, they turned out fine

Cannabis Testimonial: My kids smoked weed, they turned out fine

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/25/2015 in Medical Marijuana

Today I am speaking to a mom who learned that her two boys were smoking cannabis when they were in their teens. Many years have gone by now and many perceptions have been broken over time. Let’s start by asking her about what her thoughts initially were on marijuana.

Interviewer: So tell us about what you thought when you discovered that you boys were smoking weed?


Well, to be quite honest, I didn’t even know they were smoking. Just smelled this weird smell of what I thought, grass burning. I actually mentioned to my sister that someone close by maybe has a compost heap or something, because I keep on smelling grass burning. Now I have to be honest, as a girl I was into classical music and never had any aspirations in getting “high”. My music was my “high”. So I didn’t even really know how weed smelled.

My sister on the other hand, was far more adventurous as a teen and immediately knew what was going on. She was the one busting the boys and my youngest daughter and her cousin of 8 then went on a “witch hunt” trying to find the hidden stashes of the boys.

Interviewer: Ok and when it finally hit you? What did you do?


At first, I really thought hard against it. Off course I didn’t gain any ground. I must also add that I had no real knowledge about what it did and only reacted on what was told to me. Weed is bad! I realized that my kid’s grades went down and tried to blame it on weed, but really, in retrospect, it was not weed but rather lack of interest in school that got the grades down. And it wasn’t even really that bad, the grades I mean. Both finished high school with the ability to enter any university of their choice.

Interviewer: What made you change your mind, because I gather from what you say that you don’t think that weed is as bad as it is made out to be?


I have always been a truth seeker and taught my kids that way too. It wouldn’t have been fair to just accept what was told to me. One day I sat down one of my kids and suggested we do research together on internet. Obviously my thoughts were that now together we would find proof that weed is not good for you. To my surprise though, for every 10 arguments I read, 2 tried to make weed look bad and 8 were supporting the benefits of the plant. I had to swallow my pride and acknowledge the facts.

Thinking back now, I realize that too many times we react to what is taught to us and not really what the facts are. I still stand that too young children should not be exposed to smoking weed, but after all, my boys turned out just fine.

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