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The Cannabis Monopoly and Why it shouldn’t be allowed

The Cannabis Monopoly and Why it shouldn’t be allowed

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/27/2015 in Medical Marijuana News

There are some marijuana initiatives that call for large-scale marijuana production facilities as opposed to smaller privately run operations. In Ohio, Responsible Ohio’s plan to legalize marijuana would entail just that. A selected few commercial growers would be allowed to monopolize the cannabis market.

While some people believe this would create a tighter control over the production and distribution of cannabis, there are many factors that should be considered as well.

Lining the Pockets of the Few

The plan Responsible Ohio is working on would only grant licenses to a few individuals, namely those who backed their cause. This would create a monopoly on the entire cannabis market in the state of Ohio.

The point of cannabis legalization extends well beyond taking it out of the hands of criminals, but also towards giving power to the public. The plan to limit the amount of commercial growers would mean that ‘some’ would benefit while the rest ‘contributes’.

In essence, you are changing an illegal cartel for a legal one, and this wouldn’t best serve the public’s interest.

Competition is good for everyone

Another reason why you’d rather want smaller privately run operations is that competition is good for the market. It would mean that cannabis companies would have to produce high quality cannabis in order to compete for the market. It would mean cheaper prices, ease of access and better deals for the consumer in general.

While there could be a state run quality control aspect to cannabis, the production and sale of the product is best left in the hands of the many as opposed to the hands of the few.

The Market Regulates

Finally, when you create an actual industry where the free market can reign, the consumer regulates the business. If a business does a poor job at supplying or cultivating their product, consumers would simply choose the ‘better option’. If a company fails to meet the standards of the consumers, they would go out of business and a more capable supplier would step in.

This is the model that sparks innovation, which caters to the needs of the many and provides many other benefits such as employment opportunities, specialized product creations and much more.

It is important to understand that legalizing cannabis needs to be done correctly, only so can we start to undo the damage created by so many decades of prohibition. It’s time to take a full 180 on cannabis prohibition.

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What do you think is the best way to legalize and regulate marijuana?

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