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Cannabis-Like Pharmaceutical Drug Trial Results in Death

Cannabis-Like Pharmaceutical Drug Trial Results in Death

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/25/2016 in Medical Marijuana

In the recorded history of man, marijuana has never resulted in a single fatality. While a pharmaceutical painkiller based on a compound similar to cannabis, recently claimed another life. The man was a human volunteer, taking part in the drug trial, in France.

The drug is meant to ease pain, anxiety and mood troubles, and motor problems linked with neurodegenerative diseases. The Portuguese pharmaceutical company, responsible for the drug trial which started on January 07, released a statement saying that they are working with health authorities to determine the cause of “this tragic and unfortunate situation”.

French authorities are investigating the unusual manslaughter case, placing emphasis on the practice of paying healthy human volunteers to be guinea-pigs in drug trial testing.

The death was announced in a statement by the Rennes University Hospital, in western France, however they chose not to identify the patient, who had already been determined brain dead. After the death, the Paris prosecutor’s office, expanded the investigation to include possible manslaughter charges.

French authorities say that the deceased is among six male volunteers, between the ages of 28 and 49 years, hospitalized after taking part in the drug trials last week. Of those six individuals, three face possible brain damage.

The trial consisted of 90 “healthy” volunteers who were administered the experimental drug, in varying doses and at different times. According to the Rennes University Hospital, all of the 84 other volunteers have been contacted, ten of whom have already undergone medical examinations. However, examiners reported finding no anomalies or abnormalities. According to the statement, another five volunteers will be having medical exams closer to their homes. However, the statement fails to mention whether the remainder of the volunteers will be monitored and tested.

The statement went on further saying that 108 healthy individuals had already taken part in the drug trails, none of who experienced moderate or serious reactions. The statement also noted that it is rare for volunteers to fall seriously ill during Phase 1 trials, which do not study the drugs effectiveness, and focus instead on dosage, safe usage, side effects and other measures.

Based on the natural brain compound, the drug was created to replicate the active compound ingredients found in cannabis.

While pharmaceutical prescription drugs continue to be the number one killer in the United States, cannabis continues to hold its head high, as the only Schedule 1 drug to never result in an accidental overdose, or death. However, the federal government continues to stand firm in their claims, that marijuana holds no medicinal value and has a high potential for abuse.

The international and national powers that be, desperately need to address the drug war on marijuana. The sooner world-reform finally frees the scientific world to fully research, and pharmacologically understand the medicinal powers of this medical-wonder plant, we call “pot”, the better off our world will finally be.

French Health Minister Marisol Touraine and Professor Gilles Edan, the chief neuroscientist at Rennes Hospital, address the media during a press conference held in Rennes, western France

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