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Cannabis the Great Revealer of Truth

Cannabis the Great Revealer of Truth

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/28/2013 in Medical Marijuana

I can’t speak for everyone but a great number of people I know that consume cannabis have changed over the years they have smoked it. The change is actually very welcoming as most of these people developed a more tolerant outlook on life. In addition to this new level of tolerance and harmony with their environment they also had a steady disapproval of government activities.

The First Truth Revealed

The first truth that a cannabis user experiences, is that they have been told a lie. They have been lied to about the Dangers of Marijuana and immediately reject the government policy on drug prohibition in America. The more they discover the truth behind cannabis the deeper their distain becomes of the government. They ask themselves…What else have I been lied to?

The Revealer of Self

Not only do they begin to question their governing entities and their agendas they begin to look towards their inner beings as well. They realize that certain paradigms were holding them captive and that maybe there is more to life than meets the eye. Cannabis sparks a hunger for exploration and allows you to dream while fully awake. You can explore the far reaches of your innerverse and contemplate the real heavy questions in life like “the meaning of it all” and so forth. While you might never reach a conclusion you are constantly on a journey and this ultimately reveals one to oneself.

The Truth Scares the Government

Believe it or not but you live in a Government constructed with secrets and lies. The secrets not deemed fit for public knowledge is hidden under mountains of lies and despite the fact that the US government knew since 1970 and well before that cannabis does have medical applications they continue to push prohibition like a cheap three dollar hooker.

Cannabis reveals this truth and like a sweater with a loose yarn, pulling on the string will unravel the entire charade. This is what scares the government; the moment people realize that they can heal themselves, feed and clothe themselves and don’t need to depend on oil for energy, then the “need for government” becomes incredibly small. Self-sufficiency is a result of Self-Discovery and Cannabis opens the door to Self-Discovery.

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