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Cannabis Etiquette – How to Talk to Non Cannabis Smokers

Cannabis Etiquette – How to Talk to Non Cannabis Smokers

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/20/2015 in Medical Marijuana

Recently I stumbled upon an article from a person who called “Pot a deviant act” while at the same time not condemning people to prison for smoking cannabis. In other words, the author of the article said “I don’t like pot, but I don’t think people should go to jail…however, I think people shouldn’t smoke pot at all!”

Upon closer analyzes of the arguments presented, the person is speaking solely from personal experience. In other words, the reaction the author had to cannabis was inspired by “cannabis users” he dealt with.

Thus it dawned on me that some cannabis consumers might not be representing the global message of cannabis use by either disrespecting the space of others, not willing to find a middle ground for consumption and playing up to the stereotypes of the “cannabis user”.

I know you are angry!

The first thing I’ll say is the following, “I understand your rage!” Yes, for over 70 years you have been called a moron, an outcast, a plague on society simply because you chose to smoke cannabis instead of following the government sanctioned drug list.

You have been jailed, expelled and lost your job. Now it’s your turn, right?

Well, to be honest…while these atrocities should not be forgotten, it should also not be used as an excuse to push your own agenda on the likes of others. If someone doesn’t like you smoking near them, would it be too much to simply move away and respect their space as well? Respect is earned, and if we as cannabis users can show a face of tolerance and understanding, perhaps the non-smoking population can realize that while Drunks like to brawl…cannabis connoisseurs are more than happy to “work something out”.

Remember, you are the face of cannabis consumers when confronted by non-cannabis consumers. Please represent us as we are and not the stereotypical stoners that D.A.R.E promoted for so long.

Remember their programming

Secondly, be aware of the fact that people who don’t smoke cannabis have been subjected to over 40 years of active re-programming by our dear Uncle Sam. In other words, they are arguing from an “automatic” part in their brain void of critical thinking and the ability to analyze the subject objectively.

In other words, don’t simply spew out your opinion, understand from “where they are arguing” and then disprove their ideals based on science and reason.

We are quickly moving to a legalized society, it’s time we establish the fact that cannabis consumers are responsible and essentially, just people who chose to smoke a plant instead of drinking it…

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