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Cannabis Cures: The Media Industry?

Cannabis Cures: The Media Industry?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/26/2011 in Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is known for its benefits for a wide spectrum of medical conditions, everything from cancer and spasticity to chronic pain and PTSD. But could marijuana also be the cure for the dying media industry? It certainly seems so in San Francisco.

Walking down the street in the City by the Bay, and almost every paper you find in the corner stands are covered with ads from the marijuana industry: dispensaries, pot docs, grow lights, you name it. Just flip over the SF Weekly, East Bay Express, San Francisco Bay Guardian, or even browse through the San Francisco Chronicle, and you’ll find them.

Companies that produce print at a price have been struggling to increase sales. With information freely flowing on the web, who wants to pay a cover price? Print publications have turned instead to advertising to fill the gaps. The reason marijuana ads have been sprouting up like weeds is because unlike cigarettes and alcohol, there aren’t strict rules and regulations dictating where and when cannabis can be marketed. However, this doesn’t mean pot shops and compassionate care clinics have it easy when it comes to advertising.

Professionals in the marijuana industry often find themselves discriminated against, even though they operate in states where the people have voted to have medical weed legalized. Media company Conde Nast tried to stop Reddit from running Prop 19 ads. Mail Chimp has banned a medical marijuana company from using its newsletter service. Last year, T-Mobile was sued by a text message marketing company, for allegedly blocking access to the T-Mobile network because of a client that provided information on medical marijuana. The list goes on.

Perhaps these companies don’t realize that the medical marijuana industry is an economic powerhouse, generating a whopping $1.7 billion market in the United States. And with legalization looming, they may soon have no choice to embrace the burgeoning bud market.

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