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Cannabis – The Civil Rights Movement of our Age

Cannabis – The Civil Rights Movement of our Age

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/25/2015 in Medical Marijuana

In a recent interview with President Obama and Shane Smith from Vice News many topics were discussed however the topic of cannabis was also talked about. In the interview Shane Smith said that ‘Cannabis is one of the most popular questions among young people’ where Obama responded that “cannabis shouldn’t be a priority to young people but rather jobs, education and so forth”.

While these points that Obama spoke about is important, there is a reason why Cannabis is a priority for young people. This article is designed to show you ‘why’.

Cannabis isn’t just about smoking

Each year nearly a million people are arrested for smoking cannabis; many of them are young adults just starting out their lives. Since cannabis possession can result in a Felony conviction, this means that the mere act of smoking or being busted with an ounce of weed can ruin your life forever.

People with felony drug convictions can’t get student loans, bank loans and have a difficult time finding a job. In fact, if Obama was convicted for his pot use as a young adult, he would never have been president.

How many others who had bright futures are now flipping burgers due to their felony drug conviction?

No Money for Education, but lots of money for Prohibition

Secondly, we look at the fact that many people have to take out Student loans in order to have an education. In many European countries, people can go to university for free or a ridiculously low price because the government helps them obtain cheap education to help with their development throughout the rest of their lives.

In the US, you have to take out a loan, get in debt and pay it off for years after you have graduated. However, the Drug War budget of 2015 is set to roughly $25 Billion dollars.

The question is, if we were to redirect those funds to education and job development…how many young people could gain access to cheap or even free education? How would that help them in their lives?


Obama was right when he said a priority should be employment. Yet Cannabis is also linked to this. If we were to legalize cannabis in all forms, how many jobs would be created? From Growers to Trimmers, to the industrial hemp industry…thousands of new jobs could be available.

The Cannabis industry is a lucrative one. The associated jobs within the industry from retail to manufacturing to agriculture could mean that these ‘young people’ could have a job security in the future.


Cannabis medicine has revolutionized the way we look at epilepsy, neuro degenerative diseases, cancer, HIV/AIDS and much more. Legalizing cannabis would greatly reduce health care costs and give people a safer alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals.

Bottom line

You see, it’s not just about getting high; cannabis is intrinsically intertwined with a whole array of other social issues. I haven’t even touched on the prison population, racial disparities and so on, but what Obama needs to understand is that Cannabis trickles into many areas of society and that young people should have this as a priority.

It’s standing up against a pseudo-tyrannical system that was forged in the minds of racists and power hungry moguls. It’s the civil rights movement of our time.

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