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Cannabis and Chronic Pain: Our Facebook Friends Chime In

Cannabis and Chronic Pain: Our Facebook Friends Chime In

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/14/2011 in Medical Marijuana Conditions

Chronic pain is perhaps one of the most cited ailments for patients using medical marijuana, and for good reason. Statistics show that up to 56 million American adults (28% of the adult population) experience chronic pain.  What’s more, 16 million experience low-back pain, 48 million have arthritis—a disease associated with chronic pain, 25 million have migraine pain, and 4 million have neuropathic pain.

Countless medical studies show that cannabis alleviates chronic pain. But we wanted to hear from our 31K strong Facebook community to see how medical marijuana works for them. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Cannabis eases my back pain and reduces the spasms that plague my days!!

~ Willie H.

  • I use it. Marijuana keeps me moving. My wife has seen the pain that I suffer when I am not using pot. Without it, I have severe muscle spasms from a back that has never been right since my serious car accident in 1994. I lose range of motion in my back and neck and my pain level can creep up to 7 if nothing else is going on besides not having my natural pain relief.

I also use it for migraines, which I have suffered from all my life. My doctor and I have tried all the migraine drugs ont he market and they either don’t work or make my heart race so much that I fear I am heading towards a heart attack. But usually within 3-4 hits, my migraine is GONE COMPLETELY and I have no migraine hangover nor hangover from pharmaceuticals.

~ Ryan B.

  • i use mine to cope with the arthritis in my neck don`t stop the pain really but it does dull it to the point where i can tolerate. however the infused cream does work well to stop the pain just hard to get

~ Linda H.


~ Chatty Kat B.

  • Degenerative disc disease, chronic arthritis, and REAL migraines, due to Chiari Malformation…I do not care for the feeling that pills give me, nor the addictions they lead to…Good, quality MJ eases the intense surges of pain, makes it tolerable, and does not impair my ability to function or interact with society. Amazing how this is STILL not an option, legally, for anyone whose idea of ‘life’, does NOT include manufactured drugs, addiction, and side affects…FREE THE WEED!
    ~ Adrian B.
  • I was told I would go blind, eyes fragile at best. The doctor is now calling it a miracle. I had my leg amputated because of a flesh eating bacteria in 2004. I was put on pain pills and nuerotin. I stopped doing both in 07, don’t need them anymore. I hike, camp, climb. 25 years ago in a 55mph head on collision. We were sitting at a stop sign and a drunk hit us. I suffer(USED TO..KEY WORD) from serious chronic pain from my curvature of the spine caused by that and a host of other probelms arising from it. Now I don’t really even notice. .Thank you MJ.

~ Karen Z.

  • after years of extreme sports injuries & a few very bad car crashes leading to lots of surgeries that led to alot of bad pain medications that made me sick and did not work. they made the problem worse as of about 2 years ago. i started having seizures from focal pain points all over my body since i have been using medical marijuana i have less and less seizures and very minimal pain its amazing =)

~ Brandon S.

  •  I have my card…I was crushed by a 900lb carwash Gantry in 2006 and deal with pain in a plethora of areas in my back along with spasm. “The cause” is what you make it. LEGALIZE NOW!!

~ Graham B.

  • Maine Green Cross dug into this a bit when we were writing our business plan. National pain centers declare that 1 in every 4 people in America suffers from CRONIC PAIN due to accident, surgery, or other medical conditions. Every single one of these people could receive MMJ to cut down on or even eliminate the use of harsh and toxic pharma drugs. That means in real terms that 250,000 citizens in Maine along could potentially be a patient. We told the task force this when they were suggesting there might be a thousand or so patients in Maine….so clueless….the future of this medicine is assured…nothing can stop the truth. In the end we will prevail. March on MMJ supporters.

~ Ron N.

  • Another great story to add is my mother she suffers from Stage 8 MS that for those who know it is a very painful and debilitating disease that slowly paralyzes you. well she is a great example of how a magical plant can change the world for the better for a person who is suffering. i have made some very very fine special hash for her before and the results were amazing. she wiggled her toes from the relaxing effect for the first time in 15 years and her words were to me all her pain turned into a warm glowing like a giant huge from the inside HOW CAN A SIMPLE PALNT WITH SUCH MEDICINAL GAIN BE ILIGAL ??!!!!!!

~ Brandon S.

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