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Cannabis and Cancer: Our Facebook Friends Chime In

Cannabis and Cancer: Our Facebook Friends Chime In

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/28/2011 in Medical Marijuana

There are literally hundreds of studies proving cannabis’ utility for cancer, from everything from alleviating pain and nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, to cutting lung cancer tumor growth in half. But we wanted to hear directly from medical marijuana patients on how it helps. So last week we reached out to our 31K strong Facebook community and asked what their experiences are with cannabis and cancer. Here’s what they had to say:

“I smoked and used hemp oil all throughout my cancer – and because I used Cannabis, I believe that is the reason why I am still here today. I don’t believe in using over the counter or prescribed medicines – too many side effects for me. Plus I’ve been a Marijuana smoker for the last 17-18 years – helps with all my pains and not to mention it calms and relaxes me :)”

~ Michelle S.

“Yes, my uncle. He went through the whole big pharma treatment and when that didn’t work his doctor (thank god the doctor actually new about medicine and not just which pill to push on the populace) recommended cannabis, even though my uncle was in a state where it is not legal for patient or other, the doctor actually cared enough about the Hippocratic oath to put his license and practice in danger to save a life. My uncle is doing much better now, I’m just glad there are still people on this planet who do what’s divinely right, even if it may not be legal in the eyes of uneducated and corrupt law makers.”

~ Ken S.

“My mother’s best friend from elementary school was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She did not want to be pumped full of toxic chemotherapy and deadly radiation and opted instead to medicate with cannabis. Six days ago we had a party, she was just diagnosed cancer free. Using the cannabis (I believe) shrank the tumors to a manageable size that her white blood cells were able to get under control, having not been completely destroyed by chemo.”

~Tom M.

“a close friend of mine who is battling brain cancer uses cannabis to treat the nausea, pain & depression. I also have another friend with a rare blood disease (cancerous) who uses cannabis, and an aunt with breast cancer who has tried it. As well as a cousin with ovarian cancer that was recommended cannabis, but hasn’t tried it yet.”

~ Rachel S.

“I have a very close friend that uses cannabis for depression, nausea, pain, and lack of appetite.”

~Tori T.

“I use it for pain nausea depression.”

~Levi N.

“Cannabis oil to treat/cure skin cancer…as well as smoking it to treat clinical depression. Thank God for educated people!”

~ Rebeckah C.

“My mom is a cancer survivor and used cannabis during her treatment and recovery period. She had stage 3 cervical cancer and didn’t have a high percentage of surviving but I honestly believe cannabis is why she is still here today. Her whole life she was absolutely against even the thought of smoking cannabis; during her treatment she had horrible nausea and anxiety, she tried every pill on the market to help but nothing worked. I finally convinced her to try cannabis and would u look at that?… IT WORKED.”

~Alex U.

“I do for chronic joint pain and depression. I also have stomach polyps and had to have my colon removed (polyposis) not cancerous yet. Cannabis helps with my appetite.”

~Thomas C.

I used to eat again and of course to relieve the stress of having colon cancer. But I’ve always been smoking it since at least 1973-74.

~Cory V.

Do you have any experiences with medical marijuana and cancer you’d like to share? Tell us below!

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