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Cannabinoids vs. Cancer — Is Cannabis The Cure?

Cannabinoids vs. Cancer — Is Cannabis The Cure?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/16/2016 in Medical Marijuana Research

For thousands of years, marijuana has been used as a remedy for an array of ailments, everything from pain relief to glaucoma, epilepsy — and, Cancer. Despite the numerous personal accounts from people who claim to have cured their cancer with cannabis, scientific data is still in the initial stages, greatly due to the fact that cannabis remains a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, despite the US National Cancer Institute quietly updating their website in January, acknowledging that cannabis and cannabinoids kill cancer without damaging the body’s normal cells. An acknowledgment that debunks marijuana’s basis for qualifying for a Schedule 1 drug — the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 states that Schedule 1 Controlled Substances hold NO medicinal value.

Regardless that there is still only a modest amount of scientific evidence supporting marijuana’s medical efficacy, the American Cancer Institute claims that, “while the studies so far have shown that cannabinoids can be safe in treating cancer, they do not show that they help control or cure the disease.”

According to the Washington Post, one study’s results showed that cannabinoids could potentially help kill or reduce the growth of cancerous cells — especially in the case of brain cancer. The Washington Post all cited a 2006 study that found regular smoking marijuana did not in fact cause lung cancer, instead it exhibited signs that lead researchers to believe that it may have a “protective effect” instead. The study found that THC was capable of killing aging cells, before they could become cancerous.

Reports from the New York Times, in 2014, state that there is little evidence that smoking marijuana causes cancer, the way smoking tobacco does. reports that cannabis used alongside radiation, has been found to be beneficial in reducing cancer cells. While a report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, claims that cannabis “increased the cancer-killing effects of radiation”, in mice.

The American Cancer Society claims that medical marijuana can be effective in relieving the harsh effects of chemotherapy, including severe nausea and vomiting.

Although THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most well known of marijuana’s cannabinoids, there are 85 cannabinoids in total, that bind to and modify cell receptors in the brain — each with their own unique set of identifying properties. Unfortunately research of these cannabinoids is at a scientific standstill, until such time as the federal government reclassify’s cannabis, legally allowing for its medical study.

Until that time, the cannabis community at large need to keep spreading the word, and sharing the personal stories and anecdotal evidence from thousands of cancer patients worldwide, claiming to have cured their cancer with cannabis. The road to cannabis rescheduling has been a long and grueling one, and while the road still has miles yet to travel, the end is beginning to appear in sight. The more anecdotical evidence of marijuana’s curative and therapeutic abilities, are exposed for all the world to see, the less the federal government will be able to deny the truth, that MARIJUANA IS MEDICINE!


Cannabis Cures Cancer

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