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If Canada legalized cannabis, how would it affect the world?

If Canada legalized cannabis, how would it affect the world?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/15/2015 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

With the recent victory of the Justin Trudeau, the Liberal leader in Canada, there is a lot of speculation over the full legalization of cannabis in Canada. In fact, their party website claims that it will do just that however there are still many hurdles to overcome.

One thing is certain that the movement in Canada will be stronger than ever. However, should we even be concerned over the potential legalization of marijuana in Canada? The answer is yes!

Why Canada is an important player

Thus far, there have been a handful of places that are legalizing marijuana on every possible avenue; medical, recreational and industrial. Only Uruguay has stepped up and outright legalized the plant on a national scale, the rest are States and a few countries with incredibly relaxed laws on the plant.

Nonetheless, if Canada were to step up and legalize, it would be a very large and powerful country that would be the first to say “no” to the war on drugs.

You must understand that the War on Drugs are largely based on three international treaties, making it a global effort. Essentially these treaties say that “no recreational drug use” is allowed, no matter what!

If Canada were to legalize, they would set an example for many other countries to follow. If a developed nation such as Canada jumps in on the weed game, it would act as the first domino to fall.

Wouldn’t the US step in like last time?

In 2005, Canada wanted to decriminalize cannabis to a pseudo-legal state. However, the US came in and pressured the conservative government to not pass this decriminalization. This was before Colorado and Washington, Alaska and Oregon legalized for recreational purposes. Any criticism from the US would only expose the hypocrisy of their own legalized States.

This is why Canada actually has a shot at going “full weed”, the US essentially gagged themselves from criticizing any other country due to their own states that have legalized.

One thing is certain, if Canada legalizes marijuana on a recreational platform, the entire world could follow suit and the War on Drugs could end within the next decade….globally.

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