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Can you lose weight using pot?

Can you lose weight using pot?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/23/2015 in Medical Marijuana

Now there is an interesting question that is at the moment scientifically hard to prove. It is more common knowledge that smoking pot increases appetite, hence the munchies where everything is craved. In recent studies though, it is found that cannabis users as less obese than those that don’t use pot. Surprising results!

It is found that pot users that smoke round 3 times per week had obesity rates of 14.3 to 17.2 percent whereas non-users had a rate of between 22 to 25.3 percent. It has to be clarified that the study didn’t prove that using pot induces weight-loss.

Two compounds from marijuana leaves are found to increase energy burning. This could lead to specially breeding marijuana plants to produce these two chemicals to aid obese patients suffering from metabolic syndrome. Interestingly enough, these 2 chemical compounds rather calm a major cannabinoid receptor other than stimulating it. It is common knowledge that marijuana increases appetite. With this research it is hope to find a way to inhibit cannabinoid signaling and create an opposite effect.

A Few Studies to Cite

In other studies it is also found that pot smokers have smaller waist lines, 16 percent lower fasting insulin levels and 17 percent lower insulin resistance levels than non-users. This doesn’t prove that marijuana helps you to lose weight, but it indicates that it has a healthy effect on the metabolism.

There are obvious contradictions towards the reducing of increasing of weight when marijuana is used. Much more studies have to be done to understand how it all works together. For now the best conclusion could be to smoke moderately and control the snacks when the munchies hit. A healthy diet is always important. The author of “The Marijuana Diet “ states that losing weight is always challenging. To his conclusion marijuana helps you to get in touch with yourself and the stuff you are going through. It helps you to get rid of the emotional and psychological garbage you carry. That also then helps you to lose weight.

Fact remains. More studies have to be done to understand the miraculous working effects of the marijuana plant. It is already known that it works on the metabolism on many different ways.

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