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Why ‘Borrow Money’ when we can ‘Create Jobs

Why ‘Borrow Money’ when we can ‘Create Jobs

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/01/2013 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

With the recent ‘Partial Shutdown’ of the US government and politicians bickering over financial agreements like obese children would argue over Halloween candy; we find ourselves in a very interesting time in our historical timeline.

The United States requires the “authority” to borrow more money in order to pay their highly inflated budget. Democrats and Republicans are discussing on how much, who gets what and so forth.

But the real question being ignored like the slow kid in gym class is why are we going to continue to “borrow” when it would only take a slight policy shift to actually be able to “create” industry.

The United States, back in the day, used to work for what they had, it wasn’t about borrowing like some rich college kid with daddy’s credit card and it surely wasn’t about living in debt. The current financial model however changed all of that and Americans were conditioned to becoming slaves of credit.

The average American lives in debt for their entire lives and would educate their children to follow a similar model. Even the government lives in debt, they fail to produce enough money to pay for their multiple wars abroad, their impossible to implement policies back home and a plethora of other ridiculous expenses.

Things could change…

Now, if we were to actually take one step back and look at what’s going on we would see a few important points that are not even in the discussion at the White House currently.

The first is our inflated budget. One of the most ridiculous of all is the budget of the DEA and all the components of drug prohibition and the war on drugs. Billions upon billions are being spent on a policy that has proven to be ineffective for the past seven and a half decades. More Americans are in jail because of it and the streets are more violent due to it.

With this war comes the government’s massive project to spy on their own, with wire taps and massive command centers monitoring every citizen’s digital footprints.

In addition to this the illegality of an industry such as medical cannabis, recreational cannabis and industrial hemp in a time of “financial uncertainty” is a crime in itself. It’s like a thirsty man coming knocking at your door, you offering up a glass of water but the man wanted a Coke?

The White House has become nothing more than a reality TV show of people playing politics. Their little “theater” however has significant impact on the everyday American and while they prolong the situation more Americans are inching towards poverty.

It’s not time to “borrow more money” but rather to “create new industry” as we did back in the depression. It’s time to implement cannabis in all its wonder, and to shave off those extra non-essentials such as the DEA and defense budget.

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