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My Body, My Brain and My Choice

My Body, My Brain and My Choice

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/29/2013 in Medical Marijuana Patient Stories

Let’s say you are in the store thinking about buying some orange juice. You take a look at the boxes and see that one brand is 100% organic while the other brand is riddled with chemicals. You decide to go with the organic brand and as you are about to make your purchase, a random person who you don’t know inhibits you from your choice.

In an outrage you demand to know “why” they are not allowing you to purchase the organic brand. The person responds with; “Because it’s bad for you and I know what’s best for you!” You attempt to explain to the person that organic means it has no added preservatives and essentially provides greater nutrition over the “other brand”.

The person in turn tells you that if you do not stop they will get the police to arrest you and that the “other brand” is more than safe…it’s FDA approved! More importantly to prove their argument they show you “studies” that obviously have been doctored with.

You retort by showing evidence that organic is healthier, you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your choice does not affect anyone else but yourself and that it should be of no concern of this “regulator” to tell you what to do.

Your Choice

Throughout the entire scene above we can see that the choice between “organic” and “the other brand” reflects perfectly with cannabis prohibition. There is absolutely no foundation for the government to censor your consumption behavior even if the substance is “dangerous” which isn’t the case with cannabis.

If someone in a store would tell you to not buy organic you would most probably tell that person to go to hell in a hand basket. However that “person” in the real world not only runs the manager, they also enforce the laws and have big guns. They are able to throw you in prison for 90 years and sleep like a baby at night.

The point of this article is to show how ludicrous cannabis prohibition is. A lot of time we focus too much on the substance and not the actions associated and in by merely changing the “substance” we can reveal the actions behind the policy.

IF someone in a store blocked your consumption habits, you’d most probably rage. Similarly you should do so with the government, whose supposed to be “for the people by the people”. The question is; which people are they representing?

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