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A Beginners Guide to Cannabis Consumption

A Beginners Guide to Cannabis Consumption

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/02/2015 in Medical Marijuana Consumption

With New States Legalizing cannabis seemingly every year, we know that a bunch of “Pot-Newbies” will want to give consuming cannabis a try. With nearly two decades of cannabis smoking under my belt, I have decided to give our newbies a point of reference when consuming cannabis. While this guide could become quite extensive, I wish to outline the basic rules of pot consumption first. Depending on how you guys react to this post, I might venture into creating a fully-fledged beginners consumption guide, which I’ll make available as a Free, download later this coming year.

If you want a Beginners Guide to Cannabis Consumption eBook, just leave a reply below and if enough people show interest…I’ll get working on it.

The Basics

I’m assuming for the sake of argument you live in a legal state and can obtain cannabis legally. The first thing you need to know is “Types of Strains”

Indica Vs Sativa

Commercial cannabis is usually divided into two groups – Sativa and Indica. Sativa strains tend to provide a cerebral effect, increase in energy, a deep state of euphoria and is typically considered a “Day-Time Smoke”.

Indica on the other hand is your ‘Body high” and produces a deep almost narcotic state. These strains are particularly favored by medical users in terms of pain management, insomnia and appetite stimulation. This is your “Night-Time Smoke”.


There are many different ways you can consume cannabis whether through: Smoking, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles, Tinctures and Oils.

Most people smoke cannabis in paper or a cigar wrap known as “Joints (paper) and Blunts (Cigar Wrap)”. Terms used to describe a ‘Marijuana Cigarette (I personally hate that phrase) are known as: Doobie, Joint, Jay, Spliff etc.

However, smoking it doesn’t stop there. Get yourself a glass pipe or a bong. Bongs usually come with these bare essentials: Bowl, Stem, Chamber and Carb Hole.

The bong filters the smoke through water. You fill the “Bowl” with cannabis, the stem goes into the water and your thumb covers the carb hole. Take a hit and once the chamber fills with smoke, loose the carb hole and shoot the cloud into your lungs. It’s for heavy hitters.

Edibles: Edibles are very strong and the effects lasts for quite some time. Whether you made butter or oil to put into your edibles, always make sure to accurately measure the amount of THC you infuse into the edibles. Eating too much won’t kill you, but it can certainly render you useless for the rest of the day.

Oils & Tinctures: Mostly used for medical applications, people consume oils orally to treat conditions like cancer, epilepsy and much more. Check out the RSO method to make your own oils!

Dabs: The old ‘hype word’ that made a comeback. Dabs are merely cannabis extracts made with BHO or other solvents. You use a Rig which is essentially a bong modified to dab. This is pseudo vaping at its best. High doses and not for beginners in my opinion.

Vaping: The new fad that hit the market a few years ago. Vaporizing cannabis eliminates combustion meaning that you get all the goodness of cannabis without any of the smoke. Perfect opportunity for newbie smokers.

I feel this is only touching the tip of the proverbial iceberg and each section merits their own dedicated pages, if you want a more complete guide…request it in the comment section and I’ll get on it.

Happy toking!

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