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The Basics on Curing Cancer – The Cannabis Method

The Basics on Curing Cancer – The Cannabis Method

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/30/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Cancer is the number one killer in the world when it comes to disease. It’s also incredibly painful and the slow deterioration of a person is a depressing sight on all accounts. While the mainstream tried to convince the world that the cure for cancer was still decades away and that outdated chemo was ‘the way to go’, people like Rick Simpson and other cannabis activists have shown that this is far from the truth.

Why does cannabis cure cancer?

While scientific inquiry still is exploring this issue we have learned that cannabis, in specifically THC and CBD-1 and CBD-2, are responsible for killing cancer cells. Essentially what these compounds induce within the cell is a state of apoptosis in which the cell begins to commit suicide. THC has been said to effect aggressive cancers such as brain tumors, prostate and breast cancer to name a few.

How to use cannabis to cure cancer?

Many people are fooled into believing that smoking cannabis will cure cancer but this simply isn’t true. The amount of THC or CBD you can obtain from smoking is minimal compared to extracts. The way to cure cancer is to convert fresh, highly potent buds into cannabis oils. Rick Simpson pioneered his technique by using a solvent and slowly ‘boiling off the solvent’ allowing the black almost tar like liquid to remain. This liquid, as we at Marijuana Doctors refer to as, the #BlackStuff, is then ingested in drop form every morning or evening depending on the severity of your cancer.

A pound should provide about 2-3 ounces of #BlackStuff.

Indica or Sativa

While Sativa in oil form is also a magnificent medicine it’s more of an “upper” meaning it will give you energy and a better perspective on life. Sativa is good for depression, lack of motivation, lack of energy and so forth but when it comes to curing cancer you don’t really want to be on your feet.

Thus Indica is the preferred bud to be turned into oils because it will inspire sleep and rest in the patient which is essential to the curing process. You should meet with a Marijuana Doctor to determine dosage.

Bottom Line

Nobody should have to suffer in vain especially if a cure such as cannabis already exists. Every person should be given the right to grow their cannabis at their homes to produce their own oil because this oil works perfectly for a bunch of diseases including; Asthma, diabetes, cancer, Seizure disorders and a whole lot more.

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