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Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions Part 3

Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions Part 3

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/25/2014 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Welcome back to another installment of “Asking Prohibitionists”, a segment dedicated to asking the right questions on the sustainability and effectiveness of prohibitionists. The prohibition rhetoric is flawed in so many ways, by asking the right questions you allow the Prohibitionist to wonder on the validity of their own arguments. Sometimes you don’t need to win an argument; you simply need to destroy the essence of the opposing argument to allow the prohibitionist to think for himself or herself as opposed to spewing out what Daddy Government told them in school.

Marijuana will increase Road Fatalities

Some believe that legalizing cannabis will increase road fatalities due to stoned drivers. Yet they fail to recognize that people are already driving stoned and have been doing so for many moons now. While more cases have been reported, by a very minimal margin, the main reason is due to the fact that now they are specifically looking for “stoned driver accidents” to justify their claim.

The Question you should ask: “If you are so worried about road fatalities…shouldn’t we make alcohol illegal as well?” Most road fatalities derive from drunk driving.

Medical Marijuana is a Myth

Some prohibitionists believe that medical cannabis is a myth due to lack of “official studies” however, there are over 20 states with a medical marijuana policy. But what’s more important is the actual government owning patents on the medical benefits of cannabis. To drive the proverbial nail in the coffin of this argument goes as follows:

“If Medical Marijuana is a Myth, why does the Federal government have a medical marijuana program?” This question goes in reference to the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program founded in the mid 70’s where the Federal government has been growing and supplying cannabis to a handful of patients. Search “Robert Randall” and you’ll find out more about this program.

Legalizing Marijuana will make advertisers target children

This notion believes that if cannabis is an accepted industry, advertisers will follow the same road as Big Tobacco and market to kids. Yet these people fail to see how the tobacco industry has seen a decline in users due to regulations on advertisement and so forth. You can regulate advertisement, companies and so on…the question we have is “Can you regulate drug cartels?” To argue that legal cannabis will target children and to forget that drug cartels are “actively seeking out” children is asinine at best.


This concludes our 3 part series on “Questions to Ask prohibitionists. If you want to gain access to other awesome articles like this one, sign up to our newsletter today!

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