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Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions! Part 2

Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions! Part 2

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/19/2014 in Medical Marijuana

We are continuing with our series on “Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions” in the aim of attacking the core premise of the arguments of prohibition. Many times prohibitionists merely vomit the propaganda of the government however do not have substance to back up their claims. In the previous section, we spoke of sending someone to jail for cannabis, fallacy of dangers of cannabis and access to children. We continue with this series to empower our readers to have the right questions to break down the concepts of prohibition.

Legalizing Marijuana will Increase Use

Prohibitionists believe that if cannabis is legalized, everybody will become potheads. This reasoning suggests that a human being is unable to control his or her own decisions when it comes to consuming “drugs”. A very simple question you could ask a prohibitionist is this: “If marijuana was legalized tomorrow, would YOU smoke it?” If the prohibitionist responds with a “maybe” then simply follow up with “If they legalized heroin tomorrow, would you try it?” In this case, the prohibitionist would give you a definite no, unless he was a closet heroin junkie of course. The idea of people doing drugs because it’s legal is a major fallacy because while alcohol and tobacco both are legal, there are many people who do not smoke or drink. Why can people “not smoke or drink” but when it comes to cannabis they suddenly don’t have will power anymore?

Legalizing Marijuana will make society more Dangerous

Some people believe that by legalizing cannabis violent crimes will sky rocket. While there is absolutely no evidence of this and in fact, everywhere they legalized cannabis violent crimes dropped, some prohibitionists will cling onto this fallacy for dear life. The question we ask in this case if very simple: “When Mafia controlled alcohol was legalized…did violent crimes go up or down? Why wouldn’t this be true for Cannabis as well?”

The fact is that if you take the police force off “nanny patrol” and allow them to zone on real criminals, crime rates will have to drop. There is no other way about it. Besides, there are statistical facts that support this notion.

Legalizing marijuana will create BIG Marijuana

People like Kevin Sebat uses this one all the time. They believe that by legalizing cannabis you will open the doors for monster corporations pushing their substance similar to tobacco companies. The question we have for these kinds of people is very simple: “Would you prefer murderous drug cartels to rather push the drugs on the streets?”

Even if Big Marijuana happens, they will have to pay taxes, which will go to the state, which can help with treatment, the construction of hospitals, schools and much more.

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