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Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions on Marijuana! Part One

Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions on Marijuana! Part One

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/18/2014 in Medical Marijuana

Proponents of prohibition often engage in vigorous debates with advocates of legality. Often times you will hear their arguments that are merely a regurgitation of what they’ve been told by the Federal government.  In most cases, prohibitionists do not have substance to their arguments.  Thus, we have devised a series of questions that you can ask any prohibitionist that will put in question the validity of their own arguments.  In many cases, one cannot win an argument with reason due to the fact that the paradigm of prohibition is anchored within the mind and prohibitionist.  The only way to break the paradigm in these cases is to question the foundations of their own arguments.

Marijuana can ruin your life, that’s why you have to go to jail

Prohibitionists believe that cannabis will ruin your life.  They justify incarceration as a way to deter people from using cannabis.  Yet a simple question can help them understand the folly of their ways.  Many presidents have admitted that they have smoked marijuana in the past.  This includes President Obama, Bush who actually used cocaine and President Clinton who said he only took a drag but didn’t inhale.  These are all people who held one of the most powerful positions within the U.S. government.  Regardless of how they were as presidents, the question goes as follows.  “If any of these presidents were arrested for drug possession, with their lives have been better?”

The answer is, they probably would have been presidents.  Incarceration is far more detrimental to your life than cannabis can ever be.  The reasoning that marijuana can ruin your life and that incarceration is the answer is flawed on every level.

Marijuana is illegal because it’s dangerous

Many prohibitionist believe that cannabis is illegal due to the dangers it poses on society.  They believe that if this substance is legal that it will have a detrimental effect on society as a whole.  Without the understanding on how cannabis became illegal in the first place, they will continue to believe this fallacy.  Yet danger is no reason to keep something illegal.  The question to ask a prohibitionist in this instance goes as follows; “Are guns, alcohol, cars and tobacco dangerous and if so shouldn’t these dangerous things also be illegalized under that reasoning?” There are houseplants that carry Deadly poisons, which can kill people in a matter of hours, however we’re not sending in Federal Agencies to burn them all. The answer to danger is education, not prohibition.

Prohibition keeps our children safe

Finally, prohibitionists believe that prohibition keeps their kids from using cannabis however; marijuana is sold in schools all over the place. They believe that by legalizing there will be greater access for children to get cannabis. The question one must ask in this case goes as follows: “What is easier for a child to get, Alcohol or Cannabis?” If you ask any high-schooler, the answer is always weed.


We will continue with the second installment of Questioning Prohibition. 

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