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Anti-Cannabis “Experts” Paid Big Bucks By Big Pharma

Anti-Cannabis “Experts” Paid Big Bucks By Big Pharma

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/04/2016 in Medical Marijuana

Every so often, we hear people on our social media page saying things like, “Big Pharma isn’t against marijuana, if marijuana actually cured anything, they would be all over it!”, suggesting that if cannabis had any medical value at all, the pharmaceutical industry would invest large sums of money into researching and developing medicines, based on the plant — however, as it turns out the story is far more complicated than that, because Big Pharma is behind these anti-cannabis “experts”, paying big bucks for these “academic specialists” to spout their anti-pot propaganda.
Pharmaceutical industries presently control a monopoly on health care — they are responsible for manufacturing and distributing, a wide range of drugs for virtually every condition currently known to man. But definitive evidence shows that more and more people are substituting cannabis for the pharmaceutical-cocktail of medications.

This translates into a significant loss of revenue for the pharmaceutical industry and applies in particular to the niche market that has built-up around prescription pain, as a notable amount of cannabis users, are using marijuana for pain management.

As such, the pharmaceutical industry definitely has a powerful incentive for propelling their efforts against the legalization of cannabis.

Big Pharma Behind Anti-Marijuana Funding

Originally reported in Vice Magazine back in 2014, the magazine uncovered that some of the most zealous anti-pot academics were also on the payroll of some of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies, whose products would ultimately become redundant, once replaced by the use of medical marijuana.

One such cannabis critic is Dr. Herbert Kleper of Columbia University. Kleper has a stellar record in the world of Academia and has appeared on several prominent news outlets. While he is usually introduced as an “authority” on the subject matter, what these news outlets fail to tell you is that he is also on the payroll of companies like Purdue Pharma (creators of OxyContin), Rickitt Benckiser (creators of Nurofen) and Alkermes (creators of Zohydro). Considering that approximately 60% of medical marijuana patients use cannabis for pain management, it’s easy to see how Kepler’s views could be easily swayed by the almighty dollar.

And the Kleper scenario is just one of many — read other examples of experts for hire, here.

A Cause For Concern

How many times have you watched the news and heard a “so-called” expert spill their guts on the ills of cannabis? What do we really know about these experts? Because upon a more detailed review, it seems that they all have a common denominator — all experts of some ties with Pharma, whether as a consultant or as a spokesperson.

Why would Pharma fund anti-pot science if it wasn’t against cannabis legalization? We know that GW Pharmaceutical are already producing cannabis-based medicines, however, no medicine has been effective as naturally derived cannabis itself, yet. And, in fact, even Marinol (the synthetic form of THC) has resulted in overdoses, whereas cannabis, throughout it’s 12,000 years of human interaction, has never caused a single death, as a result of consumption.

Hence, the logical conclusion for why the pharmaceutical industry is so staunchly opposed to the legalization of cannabis, because once the plant is legalized, and people have the ability to buy or grow it at home, pharmaceutical companies stand to lose billions(!!) of dollars, as patients shift away from pharmaceutical synthetics opting for a more natural approach, to health care.

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