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Why you should always double check your Stoner Stories

Why you should always double check your Stoner Stories

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/03/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

If by now you haven’t heard about NASA’s latest discovery of a Pot covered planet, allow me to fill you in on the details. Recently, an article appeared online outlining how NASA discovered a planet completely covered with cannabis plants. According to the article, the cannabis found on that planet is said to be 3000% more potent than on earth and scientists are debating on what to call the planet.

The article suggests that NASA is thinking about calling it “Bob Marley” after the legendary Reggae star. The news spread so fast that even on major media outlets the content was republished.

While this story sounds amazing, it is merely that….a story!

Weeding out Fact and Fiction

To be honest, the first time I read the headline my interest was piqued. Stoner planet! I’d like two please! Yet my moments of enthusiasm was quickly overturned by logic and reasoning. There are so many variables that were out of place that I could only conclude that it was fake.

However, being the skeptic that I am…I had to verify if there could be a possibility of it being real. I went to NASA’s website, social media accounts and much more to see if there was a shred of evidence to support the claims of this article.

There were none.

While I applaud the original author of the article in question, I do also heed a warning to cannabis smokers all over the world. In fact, I issue this warning to anyone with the ability to read.

The Wonderful World of the Web

The Internet is an unfiltered ocean of information. Some of it is real while others are mere works of fiction. Over the past few years the concept of ‘Native Advertisement’ started gaining in popularity and if you don’t know what Native Advertisement is…allow me to explain.

Let’s say a company wants to sell cars. Instead of simply putting up an ad, they create a story where their product is the focal point of the article. The article reads like a news story, there is no direct ‘selling’ happening but rather a gentle nudge to make you purchase their product. Perhaps it is an article where a ‘stay at home mom’ made thousands of dollars at home with a brief mention of ‘how’ (being the product) in order to motivate others to follow.

These are just brief examples however I think you get the point.

Due to this kind of ‘journalism’, (if we can call it that) there are many ‘fake’ stories online. In the world of cannabis, I have only stumbled upon this one and few others. Yet when I read the comments on these posts, many people take the bait and believe it to be real.

Thus, before you go ahead and share that fantastically awesome news about cannabis, do yourself a favor and double or triple check to see whether it is true or not. If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is!

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