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How to Store Your Weed

Posted by Jason Draizin on 08/01/2011 in Medical Marijuana Trends

Perhaps you got a great deal on a few ounces from your favorite dispensary. Or you grow your own medicine and just had a bountiful harvest. Either way, you likely won’t be using up all that green goodness any time soon. But if you store it improperly, it could all go to waste. The buds could dry out, resulting in a harsh smoke. They could get too wet and sprout mold. Or the THC could become oxidized and the weed will lose its effectiveness. So how to you store your meds to ensure they’ll be fresh and potent for a long time? Here are our top tips:


1.     Avoid Plastic Bags: Keeping cannabis in a plastic sandwich bag is perhaps the most popular way to store weed. But doing so can actually dry out your buds and the static in the bags can cause some of the active ingredients to stick to the sides of the plastic. It’s best to avoid plastic bags for long-term storage. But If you must use a baggie, first put the buds in a paper bag and then into the plastic, being sure to remove any air so it’s as air-tight as it can get.  

2.     Prefer Prescription Bottles: Dispensaries who dole out buds in amber-colored prescription bottles are on to something. Not only do prescription bottles keep your buds air tight, but the amber color protects against UV rays that can dry out your weed.

3.     Get Glass: A glass jar with a securely sealed top, such as a mason jar, is perhaps the best way to store weed. It keeps the moisture in and the air out. For long-term storage, try to limit the times you open the jar to minimize air exposure. And be sure to keep it in a cool, dark place.

4.     Keep it cool and dark. This rule doesn’t just apply for glass jars, as mentioned above. No matter what you put your weed in, keeping it in a cool and dark place will help extend the life of your medicine.

5.     Add a little orange: Here’s a little trick we like for keeping your marijuana moist. If your weed begins to become dry, add a little sliver of an orange or lemon peel to the container. The buds will suck the moisture from the peel. Just be mindful to not leave it in too long. If the rind gets moldy it can ruin your weed.

6.     Refrigerate, don’t freeze. Some users claim that storing weed the freezer can keep it fresh for years. However, what they don’t know is that it can actually make your weed less potent. That’s because the delicious crystal bits (which are chock full of medicinal cannabinoids) can become brittle and break off the buds. If you do freeze your weed, keep handling and moving them to a minimum. The refrigerator on the other hand is a great way to store weed. It keeps buds nice and cool, but not too cool. And it keeps the light off of them. Unless of course you’re raiding the fridge with serious case of the munchies. 


How do you store your weed? Share your own tips below.