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Medical Marijuana Trends

The Crumbling Infrastructure of Prohibition


The Crumbling Infrastructure of Prohibition

As the institution known as Cannabis Prohibition crumbles into oblivion, the strings that held it together are snapping one by one. Today we talk about one industry that has banked billions of dollars by invading your privacy in the most intimate level all in the name of a ‘drug free society’. We’re talking of course about the Drug Testing firms out there that love to handle... Read more

The Future of Marijuana Marketing


The Future of Marijuana Marketing

The old ‘stoner stereotype’ presented as the deadbeat, good-for-nothing waste of space is no longer the standard when describing a cannabis consumer. Modern branding techniques have created a schism between ‘drug war induced imagery’ and the images portrayed by the cannabis counter-culture from the early 70’s to the 90’s. People have become more sophisticated... Read more

Pot lodging becoming a “thing”


Cannabis Lodging | Cannabis

The Colorado marijuana system is evolving and soon pot lodging could become commonplace. People see the economic incentive to allow people to toke when at a hotel or resort. Currently it is still illegal to smoke in a hotel in Colorado but this soon might become a thing of the past as many entrepreneurs are eagerly looking to boost their revenue by catering to the will of cannabis... Read more

Marijuana – Something that “God made good"


Marijuana – Something that “God made good"

The conservative party in the US claims they want “smaller government and more civil liberties” and while in some instances they do create legislation along those lines, when it comes to drug policies they wear a completely different hat. Some of the biggest opponents to the legalization of cannabis are conservatives who believe that the “moral fiber” of society would... Read more

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients Drop in Numbers, Again


Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients

According to recent state statistics, the state of Michigan is reporting a decline in the number of medical marijuana patients for the second year in a row.  In 2008 state voters of approved the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, allowing qualifying patients to use marijuana medically. By the end of 2011, there were a total of 119,470 registered patients. By the end of 2013 however the numbers... Read more

Rhode Island Welcomes First Medical Marijuana Vapor Lounge


Medical Marijuana Vapor Lounge in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has its very first medical marijuana vapor lounge - now open, in a little quaint storefront on Peck Street, in Providence. The aptly named, Elevated, is the weed-child (*brainchild for the modern day marijuana market) of Johnson & Wales University graduates, Kevin Cintorino and Ray Diao.  Cintorino says that it was their vision to have a venue where... Read more

Looking for a marijuana related Job in 2015?


cannabis jobs

For some, times are tough and life can become quite challenging for a large demographic of job seekers. Many of us thought that with the coming of technology and globalization life would get cheaper and jobs would abound, but the sad fact is that unemployment is still very real for millions of people, and with job automation, the trend will only increase. One solution that must be given serious... Read more

Using Cannabis as a Topical Application for Sport's injuries


cannabis topicals

Using Cannabis as a Topical Application for Sport's injuries The time has come for you to step up to the plate and take the swing that will change it all. The problem is it´s not you standing there alone, that nagging old pain you´ve had ever since you took that terrible fall is also there. But again you focus as hard as you can on your objective and try to eliminate all the... Read more

Tommy Chong to Release his own Medical Marijuana Brand “Chong Star"


Tommy Chong

With Cannabis coming into the mainstream and becoming more accepted among the general population of the US, Tommy Chong has decided to make the official brand Chong Star medical marijuana. It is no surprise that Tommy Chong has long been in the entertainment business as a Pot Superstar, and for him to step into the legal marijuana industry seems to be a natural evolution of his persona. Chong... Read more

Marijuana strains for children


cannabis for kids

Medical marijuana has long been praised Medical Properties. The topic of medical marijuana for children however, is still quite controversial despite the fact that there is a great body of evidence that supports the use of cannabis for children. One must be aware of the fact that the medical cannabis strains specifically designed for children of a high CBD percentage meaning that it is not... Read more