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Medical Marijuana Trends

Experiencing Colorado's Recreational Shift First-Hand: Inside Dispensaries


When I was fifteen, I visited Boulder, Colorado and fell in love with the land. There was something about the palpable graciousness, the abundant hospitality and the overall peaceful spirit that seemed to absolutely consume the magnificent mountain town. Embracing the mellow Boulder lifestyle was not so much an option as an essential. Being a native New Yorker, the willful engagement of complete... Read more

Overseas, a Greener Perspective on Cannabis


Picture a lush land where hemp culture is booming with business. A place on our planet where marijuana is not policed, and for that matter, not even viewed as a drug. Not only is cultivating and smoking marijuana an entirely legal process in this part of the world, but it is encouraged. In one of the most notoriously authoritarian regions in the world, marijuana is viewed as nothing more than a... Read more

Smell the Marijuana Smoke from the Southern Front


With 20 states now practicing some form of legal marijuana we are beginning to see a trend form on the Southern Front. Conservative states are beginning to show a shift in ideology when it comes to marijuana. In fact a recent poll shows that 52% of Louisiana is ready for a similar model as Washington and Colorado. Even Florida is gearing up for Medical marijuana and places like Kentucky is ready... Read more

Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills


A glamorous group of Beverly Hills moms are progressively shifting their perception of parenting with their firm stance on marijuana - making them better wives, parents and people. In fact, they call themselves the Cannabis Club, and they frequently get together for cannabis-infused dinners and Volcano Vaporizer sessions, hosted at former Optician to the stars and Medical Marijuana activist,... Read more

420-Friendly Breweries Beating The System


Of the 2,500 breweries in the nation, a handful of them have been drastically pushing the beer-branding boundaries. By incorporating marijuana slang and images into their branding efforts, several breweries have incited uproar among the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The TTB is subject to requisitioning an industry guidance document formerly written in 1994, forbiding weed... Read more Conducts Survey that Shows Overwhelming Majority of Parents Supporting Marijuana Legalization


A new survey that was released last Tuesday revealed a majority support of American parents in favor of supporting the legalization of medical marijuana. This was not the only surprise this survey turned up, as half of the parents also support the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is evident that parents, advocates and patients are increasingly showing a sense of rising support for this... Read more

The Cannabis Effect on Social Perception


The following is not proven science but rather observational conclusions I have gathered over the years of observing the cannabis movement as a whole and the cannabis consumer as a people. Throughout this entire time I have concluded that Prohibition did get something right; “Cannabis changes you..” But this change isn’t necessarily bad. Most people fear change, they cringe in... Read more

Over Three-Quarters of Physicians Would Recommend MMJ if Possible


Medical marijuana has gained oppositions from every side of the spectrum, ranging from political leaders to celebrities. A prominent opposition such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one who does not stay shy and steps out into the spotlight to voice their opinion on this subject manner. He, like many other individuals, believes that medical marijuana evaluations are a sham and are not... Read more

The Floridian Long Shot on Cannabis Legalization


By now we should have a model on Cannabis legalization we can follow. Right now the model seems to be that a state would first opt in for a medical marijuana program and eventually once it has seen the advantages of having a legal, regulated marijuana system it would transition into recreational cannabis. Florida has long been considered one of the “retirement” states of the US and... Read more

76% of Doctors Support Medical Marijuana as an Alternative Treatment


In a recent poll conducted, results showed that medical marijuana is approved and accepted by around seventy-six percent of physicians. This report comes according to a survey in one of the most prominent medical journals, the New England Journal of Medicine. As propaganda spreads across the country that medical marijuana and marijuana legalization have resulted in an odd child safety danger,... Read more