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Medical Marijuana Economics

How Federal Taxes fund the black market


Federal Marijuana Taxes

There is no doubt that the current system of drug prohibition has been an utter failure. The massive amount of income derived from the illicit sales of drugs have funded criminal organization for decades and with it increased the overall insecurity over the world. We must ask ourselves the following question; how much are we giving up in maintaining this outdated and corrupt policy? What could... Read more

Why Childproof Marijuana Containers will help legalization


childproof marijuana containers

One of the biggest arguments against the legalization of marijuana even as a medical treatment is of course the safety of the children living in the house with the patient consuming cannabis. Of all the negative factors and arguments against marijuana, this is one of the more acceptable and important concerns, Marijuana cannot be allowed to be consumed by anyone that is not allowed to vote yet... Read more

Maine Launches Yet Another Cannabis Recreational Legalization Initiative


maine cannabis legalization

Recently a second initiative was launched to put the question of recreational marijuana legalization on the 2016 Maine ballot. However legalization efforts aren’t assured and in the green yet, Maine also has 2 other marijuana policy reform options to consider. While considering the two obvious choices, to legalize or not to legalize, there is also a third choice to be considered... Read more

The Future of Cannabis in America


future of cannabis

We all know that cannabis has gone mainstream and the American people are wholly in favor of legality. Cannabis in all forms have so many benefits to this country that it is worth our time to look at a plausible future of cannabis in America. For Medical Cannabis The way I see it is that the medical cannabis community will not be able to compete with cannabis sales in its raw form in relation... Read more

Canadian Cannabis Producer Set to Go Public


bedrocan canada goes public

One of Canada’s largest licensed medical marijuana producers is set to go public on Monday according to the Business News Network. Starting next week Bedrocan Cannabis Corp. will offer investors interested in cannabis stocks an alternative to the current lone option, Tweed Inc. Bedrocan has received permission to list itself on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol... Read more

Over 1,000 Hopefuls Attend First Ever Cannabis Industry Job Fair


Big turnout for marijuana job fair 1415390000 3418026 ver1.0 640 480

Just this past Thursday, the first ever job fair was held in Denver for a plethora of opportunities in the burgeoning marijuana industry. Due to the recent green rush with recreational marijuana being legalized in Colorado, this industry CannaSearch job fair sponsored by the O.penVAPE proudly featured 15 businesses in recreational marijuana sales and by the end of the day – job-seeking... Read more

3 Questions to End Marijuana Prohibition


3 questions you need to ask

Marijuana prohibition has claimed its share of victims over the past few decades. In fact more than 750,000 people were arrested last year for marijuana related crimes meaning it has cost billions of dollars to the tax payer and distracted law enforcement from pursuing real crimes. Thus if any prohibitionist challenges your views on marijuana legalization there are 3 questions you can ask to help... Read more

Medical Marijuana Subsidized For Low-Income Patients


medical marijuana montana ir 124 sb 423

Earlier this year, the District of Columbia included an important provision in their law allowing state residents to legally gain safe access to medical marijuana. The unique provision, not enacted in other states medical marijuana programs is a substantial discount to poor residents who qualify for the medicine. The first-in-the-nation program would require dispensaries within the District to... Read more

Genetically Modified Marijuana


iStock 000001966699Medium e1301869139984

With the widespread recognition of medical marijuana, big time agribusinesses are gaining the opportunity to hone in on the major cash crop. With millions to be made in the cannabis industry, giant agricultural biotechnology company, Monsanto, has announced plans to introduce newly developed GMO technology to the patentable transgenic seeds for sole distribution. The concept of genetically... Read more

Why growing marijuana is your Fundamental Human Right



It is an outrage that cannabis is still illegal. Each day new evidence comes to light supporting the legalization of cannabis and every day the Federal government continues to stonewall progress. Throughout the following segment we’ll cover the basics on how growing marijuana is actually a fundamental human right and should be legalized straight away. Marijuana is a Medicine Cannabis is... Read more