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Marijuana Product Reviews

Canadian Vaporizer Features Dual-Functionality and Revolutionary Method of Medicating



Waiting is always the hardest part. When I found out that we were going to conduct a product review on the FlashVape – a Canadian-bred innovation that has received nothing but rave reviews – I simply couldn't wait until the moment it arrived on my desk. After doing some research and gaining a little bit more insight on this portable electric vaporizer, I was delighted to find out that... Read more

VapeXhale Cloud EVO Revolutionizes The Way Medical Cannabis Patients Healthily Medicate



Upon receiving my Cloud EVO (Extreme Vapor Output) vaporizer unit, I was pleasantly surprised by its modern, ergonomic design and lightweight portability. The vaporizing unit came with two EZ load bowls intended for patient-friendly application, a power cord and an instruction manual that assures users an unrivaled level of consumer-friendly functionality. With the option of choosing your... Read more

Revolutionary Portable Swiss-made Vaporizer Packs a Gigantic Punch



At first glance, the Vapman Vaporizer mimics a kitchen accessory, an egg shaped kitchen timer. Right off the bat, the vaporizer’s unique shape and casing had me intrigued. Swiss-based company Vapman prototyped this vaporizer with the smoker’s best interest in mind. Unlike most methods of smoking, phyto, or plant-inhalation via the Vapman vaporizer contains zero contaminants,... Read more

Smokin Js: The Pacific Northwest's Finest Smoke Shop Provides Patients & Consumers With Exceptional Glassware, Smoking Accessories



Smokin Js is recognized as one of the nation's oldest alternative pipe and tobacco stores, featuring four physical locations throughout Washington and a completely-online smoke shop that is available to the entire Internet. If there is one thing that this smoke shop is known for, it is that Smokin Js always provides patients and consumers alike with an unrivaled shopping experience that cannot be... Read more

The iBHOMB Vaporizer Provides Medical Marijuana Patients With Another Innovative Method of Medicating



Once receiving my iBHOMB Wax Vaporizer, I was instinctually drawn to the brightly colored design and matte black packaging. Before using the vaporizer, I set aside the well-compartmentalized pieces the iBHOMB came with. This Dab Shack exclusive vaporizer promised a powerful yet discreet vaping experience, and I was determined to put it to the test.  The iBHOMB comes in an assortment of... Read more

Introducing the Revamped, Convenient Dual Functioning Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer



Upon opening my Arizer Extreme Q, I was anxious to see for myself if it truly measured up to it’s highly popularized counterpart, the Volcano. The dual purpose Extreme Q came with both balloon and whip attachments, whereas the Volcano only boasted the balloon bags – a bargain already. This vaporizer came with a remote control , complete with different fan speeds to power the balloons,... Read more

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer Promotes Efficient, Healthy Method of Medicating



Upon receiving my Arizer Solo portable vaporizer, I have to admit that I was filled with an unrivaled level of excitement. This particular vaporizer model just so happens to be made by the same company that constructed the Extreme-Q, which I regard as one of the most popular vaporizers on the medical marijuana consumer market. However, differentiating from the Extreme-Q which is featured in a... Read more

Introducing the sleek portable DaVinci Ascent vaporizer


ascent box 1

At first glance, the packaging of the DaVinci Ascent vaporizer is aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. Now, being the single most hyped up vaporizer of 2013 – I had pretty high standards for the quality of the Ascent. The vaporizer has an appearance similar to an electric razor for men, sleek and polished with a lustrous finish. The DaVinci Ascent offers a retractable all glass vapor... Read more

New Oil "710" Vaporizer Pen Hits The Medical Market



Upon receiving my 710 Vaporizer Pen, the first thing a consumer is going to notice is that this portable vaporizer pen has a sleek and sophisticated design which leaves you fairly impressed. While the box itself that the 710 vaporizer pen comes with is rather modern and easy to carry, it features the brand's signature logo with the numbers "710" appropriately listed across the front. However, if... Read more

The Kind Pen Revolutionizes Portable Vaporizers



At first glance upon receiving my Kind Pen personal vaporizer, I was presented with a very sleek and modern box that featured a magnet system to keep the box closed. Compared to many other vaporizer companies, the packaging of the Kind Pen is what sticks out as an immediate "make or break" for a great experience (in this case it's make). The Kind Pen comes with multiple attachments, all of... Read more