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Marijuana Politics

The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet


The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet

One of the most outspoken people alive today against the legalization of cannabis has to be Kevin Sabet. His organization “Smart Approach to Marijuana” or SAM has been appearing on major news outlets, public forums and more. In a recent interview with German Lopez from outlined his specific views on cannabis legalization and why he thinks it’s a bad idea. While I... Read more

Why can Jeb Bush smoke weed and get away with it?


Jeb Bush smokes weed

Greeting fellow Serfs of America! By now, you should have heard about Presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush’s fling with marijuana as a high school student in Andover, a private school for the elite. His brother and former president of the United States also had his run with prohibited substances such as cocaine in college, yet none of these people ever served time, had their lives ruined by the... Read more

Prohibitionist D-Bag of the Year 2014


Prohibitionist D-Bag of the Year 2014

As we come to the end of 2014, we have the unique opportunity to look into retrospect on what has happened in the world of cannabis. While we have achieved some serious obstacles and lost a few battles here and there, cannabis has had a great year. Yet with all the good news, achievements and goals met this year, cannabis did have a lot of opposition from a few key people this year. Thus, we... Read more

Will Legalizing Marijuana create Legal Chaos?


legal marijuana chaos

Andy Harris, republican congressman is one of the main faces when it comes to stifling the legal cannabis program in Washington, DC.  According to him, there were three main reasons as to why he stepped up to block the initiative. His first reason aligns with the antiquity belief that marijuana is dangerous.  The second reason is because Congress has the constitutional authority to... Read more

Politicians and pot – Grow some stones!


Politicians and Pot

We all know that politicians have used marijuana as a political platform with their “tough on drugs” policies.  However, with a vast majority of Americans in support of legalizing cannabis maybe it’s time that these politicians change their tune. In a recent interview, Rand Paul hinted that during his college years seeded smoke a little bit of pot here and there.  You... Read more

Dear Prohibitionist: Questions from a Concerned Cannabis User


Cannabis Patient Story

Being in the business of Cannabis I frequently come across prohibitionists who defend prohibition with all their might. However, prohibitionists always focus on the “negatives of marijuana” and attempt to justify prohibition despite the fact that there is ample evidence that cannabis prohibition simply does not work. Thus, I have decided to ask prohibitionists everywhere a few... Read more

Why the US should care about what’s happening in Mexico Presently


mexico and marijuana

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, all hell has broken loose in Mexico. After a the local police of Iguala in the State of Guerrero, not only killed a few but handed over 43 students to drug cartels under the order of the Mayor’s wife, protestors have been going rampant all over the country. The protests have gone viral and the entire world is watching the... Read more

How many lives have the drug war claimed?


cannabis and sports

Since Nixon declared a “war on drugs,” thousands of people have had to pay the price, many times with their freedom or lives. While the US involvement in Columbia had largely to do with the “stop of communism” the drug war was weaved into the rhetoric to sustain the war over time. How many heads and counting? The Columbian conflict to date, according Columbia’s... Read more

Why Drug Prohibition is a Colossal Failure


drug prohibition for marijuana

Proponents of prohibition claim that they want to make the world a “safer place”, especially for the kiddies. However, prohibition after more than seventy years of existence has only made society more dangerous, inflated government agencies and provided a strong revenue source for illegal organizations. Prohibition is “unachievable” Prohibition aims at “ridding the... Read more

Doctors Stand Up Against Cannabis Being an Addictive Substance


marijuana schedule1drug

On Monday, a federal judge in California is scheduled to hear testimony from doctors, that refute the U.S. governments claims that marijuana is an addictive drug with no medical benefit. Doctors will testify that cannabis is not the demon gateway drug the government makes it out to be, reiterating yet again that there is no accepted science to justify the listing of marijuana as a dangerous... Read more