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Marijuana Politics

How Prohibition is killing your Kids and the Rise of Designer Drugs


How Prohibition is killing your Kids and the Rise of Designer Drugs

An influx of ‘designer drugs’ specifically created to act as ‘legal alternatives’ to currently prohibited drugs have seen a spike in emergency room visits usually among younger demographics. These ‘legal highs’ are usually untested, unregulated substances that imitate the high of other drugs. Prohibition creates new drugs These drugs are a direct side effect... Read more

Has Prohibition ever really worked?


Have you ever wondered if prohibition ever worked?

The other day I was thinking about whether there have ever been a case where prohibition actually worked. As of now, there is no evidence to suggest that this strategy has ever provided significant benefit to society. Prohibition has so many side effects such as violence, increased crime, criminalization of non-violent people and much more. The benefits of prohibition are scarce and only truly... Read more

What’s the Problem with being high?


Marijuana Getting High

After a long day at the office, Jim kicked off his shoes and poured a stiff drink to dilute the stress of the day. Once he finished the first one, he went on to another and could feel the numb touch of inebriation. Tired, he walked over to bed and fell asleep. Society did not crumble. On the other side of town, Bob was also finishing a long day of work and once he arrived at the warm embrace of... Read more

Should Marijuana Reform be a topic for Presidential candidates?


Marijuana Presidential Candidates

Next year you’ll get flooded with campaign promises on a range of social issues. One of the more pressing issues, at least for the youth is marijuana reform. While most presidential candidates would like to skip this issue, the fact of the matter is that it will only become more prevalent over time. Not to mention there are likely eight more states that will try to legalize recreational... Read more

How the Government should take better care of Veterans


Marijuana and Veterans Care

Earlier this week the House rejected a medical marijuana amendment for Veterans where veterans would have been able to obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana from Veterans Affairs. It is important to note that the amendment failed by a small margin, 210-213. This was the second time a similar amendment was rejected by the House. Veterans often times come back from service with severe PTSD... Read more

And the war rages on!


War on Cannabis

Those on the bandwagon against legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes have found a new way to put a spike in the wheel. They now claim that CBD   rich oil extractions with hardly any THC are not actually marijuana but a good part of the plant that has healing benefits. The clueless lawmakers try to persuade us that because CBD extractions have low THC counts, the leafy part of the... Read more

The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet


The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet

One of the most outspoken people alive today against the legalization of cannabis has to be Kevin Sabet. His organization “Smart Approach to Marijuana” or SAM has been appearing on major news outlets, public forums and more. In a recent interview with German Lopez from outlined his specific views on cannabis legalization and why he thinks it’s a bad idea. While I... Read more

Why can Jeb Bush smoke weed and get away with it?


Jeb Bush smokes weed

Greeting fellow Serfs of America! By now, you should have heard about Presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush’s fling with marijuana as a high school student in Andover, a private school for the elite. His brother and former president of the United States also had his run with prohibited substances such as cocaine in college, yet none of these people ever served time, had their lives ruined by the... Read more

Prohibitionist D-Bag of the Year 2014


Prohibitionist D-Bag of the Year 2014

As we come to the end of 2014, we have the unique opportunity to look into retrospect on what has happened in the world of cannabis. While we have achieved some serious obstacles and lost a few battles here and there, cannabis has had a great year. Yet with all the good news, achievements and goals met this year, cannabis did have a lot of opposition from a few key people this year. Thus, we... Read more

Will Legalizing Marijuana create Legal Chaos?


legal marijuana chaos

Andy Harris, republican congressman is one of the main faces when it comes to stifling the legal cannabis program in Washington, DC.  According to him, there were three main reasons as to why he stepped up to block the initiative. His first reason aligns with the antiquity belief that marijuana is dangerous.  The second reason is because Congress has the constitutional authority to... Read more