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Medical Marijuana Legalization

The War of the Flea and Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana War of the Flea

In recent statements Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful for 2016, weighed in on her views on cannabis in the US. When she was asked about Medical Marijuana in the United States, she had this to say; "I don't think we've done enough research yet. Although I think for people who are in extreme medical conditions and have anecdotal evidence that it works, there should be availability under... Read more

What if we put marijuana legalization to a national vote?


marijuana legalization

It is very evident that cannabis is on its way to becoming a legal commodity in the United States. While many states already have some form of legal cannabis on the books and more on the rise, there are some states that still haven’t jumped on board. However, there is a majority of the United States that is on board with legalizing cannabis. The last national poled showed that 52% of... Read more

The 2015 Cannabis Project Announcement


washington cannabis summit

Washington Cannabis Summit C&C Cannabis is due to hold a press conference tomorrow, January 9th, during the Washington Cannabis Summit, to officially announce the establishment of the "2015 Cannabis Project" - an initiative that is being developed as a means of world-debuting Seattle and Washington State's progressive policies and subsequent economic evolution, to emerge from cannabis. To... Read more

Colorado’s Fight against Crime through Legal Cannabis


Colorado’s Fight against Crime through Legal Cannabis

Colorado recently passed their one-year marker of legal cannabis sales and with it have generated over 34 million dollars in profits in August alone and $3.4 million dollars of that went to schools, healthcare and much more. In addition, Colorado has seen a 15% reduction in crime post legalization. Why is Crime Down now that Pot is legal? Everywhere cannabis is legalized crime drops. Is this... Read more

What would legal cannabis mean for the world?


legal cannabis worldwide

We are seeing cannabis being legalized right before our very eyes. We are truly living in exciting times. A hundred years ago, WWI was in the making, Alcohol prohibition was in full swing and it is quite interesting to see that once again we are on the verge of repealing prohibition, except for a different substance. With the world going “green”, what are potential implications of... Read more

Why is Marijuana Legalization Unstoppable!


marijuana legalization

Proponents of prohibition holds onto the faint hope that cannabis legality can be stopped. I’m here to inform them that the wave of cannabis legalization will only grow over time. The proverbial cat is out of the bag and the future of the world definitely includes a flourishing cannabis industry, whether for medical, recreational or industrial applications. One cannot ‘unlearn’... Read more

Colorado Medical Marijuana Program Gets Restricted


colorado medical marijuana program

In its next session, Colorado legislature will introduce a bill to limit the number of cannabis plants a caregiver can grow for their patients and will also require that caregivers go through a rigorous approval process. There is further belief that voters could eventually also be asked to add a special tax onto medical marijuana, while at the same time there are talks of repealing Amendment 20... Read more

Bermuda Government Preps for Legalization


Bermuda and Marijuana

The Bermuda Government recently went public with its plans to legalize medical marijuana, with further intention of also giving the police more leeway in cautioning first-time possession offenders, who may otherwise have been charged. Governor George Fergusson said, "The Government has led the debate on the issues surrounding cannabis use in this community. Significant public engagement,... Read more

Legal Recreational Marijuana in Arizona - Marijuana Policy Project Continues


arizona recreational marijuana use

A proposal that would bring separation to medical and recreational marijuana businesses in Arizona state is becoming a possibility with the continuous effort of the Marijuana Policy Project. This is the same group that brought medical marijuana to the forefront just four short years ago. The legalization proposed would legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. In effort to... Read more

Washington State to Temporarily Not Allow Recreational Sale of Marijuana Edibles


medical marijuana edibles

Although the state of Washington’s first legal marijuana stores open today, they're going to be lacking a significant product that will eventually go on to dominate the recreational market. By choosing to temporarily not have cannabis-infused edibles and drinks in stock, the Washington Liquor Control Board is said to have made a very smart gamble that consumers might thank them for. At the... Read more