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Medical Marijuana Legalization

Kentucky Governor Signs CBD Cannabis Extract Measure, Milestone Event For KY


While the issue of medical marijuana remains a hotly contested topic, states are still attempting to find ways to legalize components of the marijuana plant without actually legalizing the plant itself. For example, just yesterday the Governor of Kentucky – Steve Beshear – signed into law Senate Bill 124. The measure legalizes a non-psychoactive compound found within the cannabis... Read more

Cannabis Advocacy Group Introduces Medical Marijuana Petition To Oklahoma Secretary of State


While compassionate pieces of legislation have made their way across decisive chambers in the Deep South, the nation will now turn its attention to yet another surprising state, but this time completely across the country – Oklahoma. In an unexpected turn of events, a group known as Oklahomans for Health is set to submit an application for petition with Oklahoma Secretary of State... Read more

Iowa Senator Makes 11th-Hour Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana In America's Heartland


In an eleventh-hour effort to win approval for the legalization of medical marijuana in Iowa, Senator Jack Hatch – a Democrat out of Des Moines – made a last-minute attempt to have this controversial issue tackled before the end of the calendar year's legislative session. Seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for Iowa governor, Jack Hatch spoke at a Statehouse news... Read more

The Politics of Pot: Where Our Nation Stands in 2014


Six years ago, Barack Obama entered the oval office with an agenda and political stance far different than the one currently being executed today. Obama upheld and implemented a policy which he firmly believed to be the fairest, most straightforward way of going about governing the democratic nation. Instead, he circumvented an issue that at present, needs to be addressed the most – medical... Read more

State Legislation and Medical Marijuana: Are The Doctors Really to Blame?


During the New York Compassionate Care Act hearing that took place on Long island in December, one woman, Paula Joana told a heart wrenching story about her beloved daughter, Sabina Rose. Young Sabina Rose passed on tragically at just 18-months after she lost her battle with Dravet syndrome. The doctors, Paula made sure to note, were not to blame. In fact, she said, along the way, all doctors... Read more

As Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Gains Momentum, Acceptance of Cannabis Is Voiced Throughout The Nation


According to results of a new poll that was conducted by Public Policy Polling, well over a half of the Sunshine State's residents would support a measure to legalize medical marijuana for patients suffering from a chronic or debilitating condition. A legitimate source, Public Policy Polling is a group best known for putting out highly accurate polling on key political races across the country.... Read more

Sunshine State Supporters Rally To Gather Signatures For Florida Marijuana Legalization Measure


For quite some time, the general understanding of the public's perception on medical marijuana in the Sunshine State was looking murky and uncharacteristic of a movement that would bring great change. While politicians, advocates and opposition have all voiced their concerns and support throughout the course of this legislative push, the image of cannabis legalization in Florida is finally... Read more

Up In Smoke: Uruguay Becomes The World's First Nation-State To Legalize Marijuana


In a nonchalant and entirely quiet manner, a spokesperson for the President of Uruguay said that the leader has signed and enacted into legislation the government's proposed plan to establish and regulate a recreational market for marijuana. With the signing of this bill taking place, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay is now the world's first nation-state to officially legalize marijuana.... Read more

Is Miley Cyrus The Future of the Marijuana Brand?


You can say what you will about Miley Cyrus (and by all means you know you undoubtedly will...), but if there is one thing that's certain, it's that you cannot deny the fact that she has turned herself into a cultural icon. It seems as if in just a three- month period, Miley Cyrus has turned the year of the Snake into her own personalized playground of self-expression and newfound advocacy. Not... Read more

Why ‘Borrow Money’ when we can ‘Create Jobs


With the recent ‘Partial Shutdown’ of the US government and politicians bickering over financial agreements like obese children would argue over Halloween candy; we find ourselves in a very interesting time in our historical timeline. The United States requires the “authority” to borrow more money in order to pay their highly inflated budget. Democrats and Republicans are... Read more