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Desperate Parents Call For Marijuana Research for Seizure Disorders, Like Epilepsy

Desperate Parents Call For Marijuana Research for Seizure Disorders, Like Epilepsy

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/24/2016 in Medical Marijuana Research

Finding a treatment for children suffering from seizure disorders and epilepsy is often difficult, since some seizures are treatment resistant. While other epilepsy treatment options and seizure treatment options exist, not only are they often ineffective, they come with serious side effects. Unfortunately, since cannabis is on the schedule 1 drug list, marijuana research continues to be extremely limited. With limited research on the benefits of marijuana for seizures and epilepsy, many desperate parents are looking at anecdotal evidence to guide their search for an effective treatment.

Parents of Kids with Seizure Disorders are Desperate

Some children with seizure disorders experience hundreds of seizures each week, others can experience hundreds of seizures a day, and when seizures occur so frequently, it often reduces the child’s quality of life while putting an extreme amount of strain of the parents and siblings. In some cases, children even lose the ability to walk, talk, eat, and function normally. Watching a child suffer with a seizure disorder is very difficult for parents, particularly when medications fail to work or they leave children with severe side effects that further reduce their quality of life. With no hope in sight, many parents are turning to medical marijuana, since anecdotal evidence has shown cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid found in cannabis, to be an effective treatment option for treating epilepsy and uncontrollable seizure disorders.

One of the most famous cases of parental desperation is that of Charlotte Figis, who took multiple medications for grand mal seizures that were taking place hundreds of time each week. CBD cannabis oil proved effective for Charlotte, leading to the development of a special marijuana strain known as “Charlotte’s Web,” which is now used by many other pediatric patients who deal with seizures that were unresponsive to other treatment methods.

Although Charlotte’s Web has proven helpful for many children, there still is not a lot of marijuana research surrounding the use of marijuana for seizures and epilepsy. Parents are desperate to learn more about cannabis as a treatment option, but few studies are taking place because of the restrictions on marijuana at a federal level. Despite the lack of research, anecdotal evidence is enough to make parents consider medical marijuana when they find no other effective treatments for their child’s seizures.

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Epilepsy Foundation have called for the DEA to end restrictions that keep marijuana research so limited. Children struggling with severe seizure disorders deserve the chance to get the treatment they deserve, no matter where they live in the country. The best way to ensure children with these disorders receive the treatment they need is to learn more about how marijuana works to treat seizures and epilepsy.

Cannabis Peer-Review Studies

Since marijuana research is so limited, a new cannabis peer-review study, which is the first of its kind, offers helpful information for physicians and other patients. These peer-review studies will not only help prove that marijuana offers medical benefits, it will also allow doctors to get involved so they can review and monitor the progress of patients using cannabis medicinally. Patients will also have the ability to easily track their own progress as they use marijuana, capturing essential data that is relevant to each patient’s specific medical condition. The BETA launch of the study’s mobile app already has resulted in many great results for different ailments, including seizures, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, severe nausea and more.

Patients can easily sign up to be a part of this cannabis peer-review study. To follow the study’s developments, and to learn about the effectiveness of marijuana treatment for various ailments including seizure disorders, sign up for the monthly newsletter, that will feature updates of the study’s progress including easy-to-understand graphs. Doctors will also be able to use the information to help patients decide if marijuana would be a good treatment for their unique medical condition.

Relocating to Access Medical Marijuana Therapies

Medical marijuana is currently only legal in 25 states, and even in some states where it is legal, access is very limited.  Limited access to cannabis has led many families to relocate to states where marijuana therapies are more accessible for children suffering from seizure disorders. States like Colorado are seeing an influx of “medical refugees” who want the freedom to try Charlotte’s web and other forms of marijuana on their children. As other parents report significant results with marijuana, more parents are reaching out for that hope by choosing to up-root their families and change their entire lives, in the hope of finding a treatment that works for their child.

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