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5 reasons to make Cannajuice

5 reasons to make Cannajuice

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/01/2015 in Medical Marijuana Consumption

People think that marijuana is just for the creative crowd, are absolutely wrong. For millennia cannabis has been a plant used for nutrition of the body and the soul. Here are five reasons why juicing you raw weed is a good idea for all of us.

Reason number one: No need to feel that high.

Seeing that you are injecting the cannabinoids using you digestive system you are slowly consuming the THC and other helpful CBDs thus reducing the high to a milder but longer lasting feeling. Obviously overconsumption will make you devastatingly high, measured consumption will be more nutritional than psychotropic.

Reason number two: You Could up the dosage.

Due to the fact that smoking THC in a short amount of time increases the immediate impact on the body, often times one just feels way to stoned to keep on keeping on. A great solution to the limit smoking herb places on you could be eating a bigger amount than you could smoke. If you have ever eaten a “special brownie” you know that the hallucinating effect and the deep body high occasionally is a must when pushing the outer limits of getting high.

Reason number three: Variety a basic human need.

One of the basic emotional needs of a human being is the need for variety, since the monotonous is a soul killer even when it comes to consuming cannabis, a nice mix of tropical fruit with some chia might be just  what you needed to spice things up a bit.

Reason number four: No harmful smoke.

Even though cannabis smoke has not been directly linked to any form of lung cancer, smoke is still smoke and it still does irate and harm the soft tissue of our lungs. Drinking a nice cannabis smoothie is a great way to get high while staying healthy.

Reason number five: Live long and prosper

These days our foods are deficient, and lack nutritional value, therefore supplements are needed to stay healthy and live longer. Apart from helping with stress management, which in itself prolongs and improves quality of life, just consuming cannabis will help as an anti-oxidant and an immune strengthener. Consuming cannabis is a healthy way of live, drinking it in juice form only adds to its deliciousness

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