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5 Different ways to Medicate with Medical Marijuana

5 Different ways to Medicate with Medical Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/19/2013 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Did you know that by consuming cannabis in different forms you will obtain different effects. It’s very different to smoke a joint than it is to smoke a pipe, as well as it’s very different to smoke than to vaporize. Although the following article isn’t based on science or research but rather personal experience I have compiled a few consumption techniques and listed what I believe would be most affective to certain types of diseases and conditions. Please feel free to add in more to this article as it is my hopes that this can grow into a comprehensive community based guide on marijuana consumption.

Smoked Marijuana: Pipe, Joint or Bong

Although smoking marijuana isn’t the healthiest practice it is the most common and thus I have decided to include it into this guide.  For a more “controlled” effect you’re going to want to use a pipe since you can measure exactly how much you need. Similar to a bong you would be able to measure the amount but a bong usually indicates a bigger “hit” which will get you much “higher”.

A joint is more a “social” smoking method although a lot of people roll “personal pinners” as well. In my opinion a “Joint High” is more mellow than a “pipe high” and a “Bong High” is the most intense.

If this is your only consumption method I would use pipes for your “throughout the day medication”. Little hits to help you manage pain or nausea and so on. A Joint would be more a “night time” thing where you want to get the full effect of the cannabis and most probably help you sleep.

A Bong would, in my opinion, be the ideal for dealing with heavy pain or muscle spasms as it is a large amount of THC discharged as one. It’s also “healthier” than both the other methods due to the fact that the smoke is filtered through water. Just be sure to change the water frequently.


This is probably one of the more preferred methods for patients in need of quick relief. Vaporizing only heats up the active ingredients within the plant matter than then releases it in vapor form thus eliminating combustion. Vaporizing is a much more mellow and in my opinion “happier” high than smoking it. Quick relief, and should be used for Asthma, seizures, pain management, addiction management and so on. Vaporizing is probably one of the more preferred medical methods.


For me edibles is a real heavy high and much more body heavy as you absorb 100% of the active ingredients. The “trip” also lasts for much longer. Obviously the potency of the eatables depends heavily on you but generally this is a good effective method to treat Chronic pain, insomnia and conditions such as MS and seizure disorders. Also people with Crohn’s also benefit greatly from eating cannabis. Don’t operate heavy machinery or drive when eating cannabis.

Raw Leaves: Juicing

This is an amazing way to obtain most of the health benefits of marijuana without getting high. This should in fact be a staple part of your diet whether you are ill or not. Juicing law cannabis leaves or eating it in a salad is just a good health practice. Strongly recommended!

Essential Hemp Oils

This is the true “medicine” of cannabis. If you have cancer, diabetes or literally any disease or illness this will be beneficial. Essential hemp oils are h2 concentrates of the active ingredients and provide significant curative powers. Usually you consume a drop in the morning and one at night but the treatment can vary depending on the state of your condition. This is the method used to cure cancer among other diseases. This should also be used if you are healthy maybe 4 to 5 times a week.

Did I miss anything? Comment below!

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