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420 Petition and NORML Want to Give Pot a Chance

420 Petition and NORML Want to Give Pot a Chance

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/07/2011 in Medical Marijuana Laws

420petition and NORML are teaming up for a new video-response campaign aimed at anti-marijuana Rep. Lamar Smith. Thanks to NORML and fellow activists, the congressman who said he would not even give the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act a hearing, has been busy deleting the Facebook comments and deflecting the phone calls of citizens troubled by his undemocratic actions. Well, we the people will not be ignored! We are upping the ante, and plan to bring hundreds of videos of concerned Americans directly to Rep. Smith.

For this we need your help! Make a video-response to Rep. Smith’s actions. Call him out on his ignorance, or outright lies, for saying that marijuana has “a high potential for abuse and does not have an accepted medical use in the U.S.”Ask the congressman to let democracy work, to respect the wishes of the American people and to Give Pot A Chance! Then upload the video to and tell everyone you know who shares your views to do the same. At first, the videos will be re-uploaded onto the 420petition Youtube channel but as the campaign advances we will be rolling out to act as a hub for the videos collected and as a resource and community core of the campaign.

Regardless of a legislator’s position on a bill, it should be allowed a fair and open hearing in the interest of democracy and transparency. Considering that the Act has bipartisan sponsorship, and that President Obama himself has called drug legalization a “entirely legitimate topic for debate,” Rep. Smith’s actions are unacceptable. Now is the chance to bring the full brunt of the nation’s frustration with prohibition unto those who stand by outdated policies and unjustifiable beliefs.

“It’s obvious why marijuana prohibitionists like Rep. Smith will go to such lengths to try and stifle any public discussion of the matter,” says NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Over the past 70+ years, the federal criminalization of marijuana has failed to reduce the public’s demand or access to cannabis, and it has imposed enormous fiscal and human costs upon the American people. Further, this policy promotes disrespect for the law and reinforces ethnic and generational divides between the public and law enforcement.”

So lets fight the failed ideas and their supporters, lets raise hell over our questions going un-answered, and out concerns being dismissed, and our votes getting treated as suggestions. Make a video today and fight to Give Pot A Chance!

Record yourself with your webcam’s software or use Youtube’s webcam recorder to make a video (which you can then easily download) and submit it to 420Petition.

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