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The 2015 Cannabis Project Announcement

The 2015 Cannabis Project Announcement

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/14/2015 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

Washington Cannabis Summit

C&C Cannabis is due to hold a press conference tomorrow, January 9th, during the Washington Cannabis Summit, to officially announce the establishment of the “2015 Cannabis Project” – an initiative that is being developed as a means of world-debuting Seattle and Washington State’s progressive policies and subsequent economic evolution, to emerge from cannabis.

To spark this joint initiative, and get the ball rolling so to speak, will be none other than cannabis cult icon, Mr. Tommy Chong. Mr Chong will open this one hour event, to be held at the Pioneer Building, situated at 600 1st Avenue, Suite #304, Seattle. The press conference, being held at C&C’s headquarters, is open to all national and local media members, and will be held from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

Both statewide, and local elected officials, are expected to be present for the announcement of the 2015 Cannabis Project.

The 2015 Cannabis Project has high hopes of establishing Seattle, and Washington State, as socially aware and responsible leaders, pioneering this unchartered territory of a legal marijuana market. It intends to set long-term goals and strategies, that it hopes will position Seattle and Washington State as an innovative contributor of this emerging cannabis industry. They plan to guide other states on the most effective ways to replace prohibition with a more beneficial system of taxation and regulation. As well as establish guidelines to ensure marketing, advertising, and sales, does not target minors in any way. Keeping with the green theme, the 2015 Cannabis Project also intends to define environmentally friendly techniques, methods, and practices, to grow and process marijuana.

Managing Member of C&C Cannabis of Seattle, Pete O’Neil, believes that, “If marijuana were taxed similarly to [the way] alcohol and tobaccos is now nationally, we can help generate billions annually in tax revenues and savings to state and federal expenditures on enforcement.”

Speaking on behalf of, a New York based cannabis company, that helps patients find a marijuana doctor in their state , CEO and founder, Jason Draizin, said that he thinks initiatives such as the 2015 Cannabis Project will help to  make sense of the legal marijuana market now available to Seattle, and Washington State. “States like Colorado and Washington are breaking new ground by opening cannabis up to a legal recreational market. They are the pioneers leading the way and making sense of how best to regulate the recreational marijuana market. The 2015 Cannabis Project, is a great initiative showing that all the best heads are working together to structure this newly emerging market place.”

Media interested in attending the press conference, please contact Adam or Andrew Powers at 206-420-3907 or

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