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$15 Million Dollars for Schools because of Pot Legalization

$15 Million Dollars for Schools because of Pot Legalization

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/24/2015 in Medical Marijuana News

Colorado generated $15 Million dollars in tax revenue purely dedicated to schools within the state. If cannabis was still ‘illegal’ in the state…this money would not have been there. The question on everyone’s mind directed to prohibitionists who don’t want to see legal cannabis happen is, “Would you rather have that $15 Million in the hands of criminals?”

Cannabis Can Fund Public Works

One thing is certain, keeping cannabis illegal means that the profits generated from sales would never return to the public coffers. It would trickle down, untaxed to a variety of criminal organizations that make money from selling drugs. Sure, the marijuana ‘criminal’ industry is not as ‘violent’ as other markets…here in the US.

You see, before cannabis came into the legal scope of society some of the major benefactors of illegal marijuana are criminal cartels. The product was shipped from the South to the US and the money was sent back to the South. That money at some point was placed at an estimate of $30 Billion per year.

That money was used to buy guns, pay for assassinations, bribe officials and expand their criminal activity.

Now, with $15 million dedicated to schools we can see a very real benefit of legalizing cannabis for adult use. This is $15 million that will not be used to buy guns, to fund human trafficking ventures, to bribe officials and more.

What could this mean for schools?

How many school initiatives were dropped because of budget cuts? How many schools are in desperate need for repair in infrastructure or hiring new teachers?

With this new revenue stream dedicated to schools, we will see a boost in Colorado’s educational system. Under the prohibition scheme none of this would ever happen. We would perpetuate crime and injustice and developing minds would not have the opportunities as they do now with this money.

What’s more…we haven’t seen the “Fears” induced by prohibitionists over the legalization of cannabis. The world hasn’t caved in on itself, people aren’t stoner crazed zombies…it seems that society is doing just fine. The only difference…now we have money in our pockets, which we can spend on public works.

If we were to compare the risks of legalization versus the benefits…the benefits outshine the risks fifteen million times over.

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