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Medical Marijuana Recommendations and Fraud

Medical marijuana doctors should uphold the same standards as your primary care physician or any other doctor you would trust to care for your health. Every medical marijuana doctor is required to practice medicine in full and complete compliance with established legally mandated practice standards and medical marijuana laws. However, the medical marijuana industry is unfortunately plagued with fraudulent doctors who write invalid medical marijuana recommendations and medical marijuana prescriptions. This means that seeing the wrong medical marijuana physician could potentially put you in legal jeopardy.

How Do I Know My Medical Marijuana Doctor Visit Was Legit?

In all legitimate medical marijuana doctor visits, patients will receive good-faith examinations from the medical marijuana doctors who sign the medical marijuana recommendations, not a physician’s assistant. During medical marijuana examinations, medical marijuana doctors will collect appropriate diagnosis documentation from their patients. If patients are without current active care, medical marijuana doctors should assume the entire case or facilitate a visit to an appropriate doctor or free community clinic to receive a valid diagnosis.

Marijuana is classified by the federal government as a Schedule I drug which means doctors cannot prescribe marijuana to their patients.  Marijuana prescriptions are illegal. Medical marijuana doctors can only write medical cannabis recommendations, which can be valid for up to one year. Medical marijuana doctors cannot be affiliated with marijuana collectives or distributors, and cannot recommend a marijuana dispensary or assist patients in obtaining medical cannabis.

The following are red flags for fraud:

  • You did NOT receive a good-faith examination by the actual signing MD.
  • Your doctor wrote you a medical marijuana prescription or marijuana prescription.
  • You received an examination from a physician’s assistant.
  • Your doctor did NOT collect appropriate diagnosis documentation from your present treating doctor. Or if you are without current active care, the doctor does not assume the entire case him or herself, or facilitate a visit to an appropriate doctor or free community clinic to receive a valid diagnosis.
  • You receive a medical cannabis recommendation that is valid for more than one year.
  • Your doctor is affiliated with a marijuana distributor and/or recommends a marijuana dispensary.

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