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Meet the Marijuana Doctor's Blogger's

Jason Draizin

Jason Draizin profile picture

As the architect, designer and primary financer of the world's first online platform for participants in the medical marijuana marketplace, Jason Draizin has brought technology and marketing savvy to serve the highly fragmented medical marijuana industry.... Read more

Fuzzie Jenkins

Fuzzie Jenkins profile picture

The man, the myth and the legend. Fuzzie Jenkins grew up learning that soil was kings and that non organic substances just shouldn't be used in your everyday flowering and gardening practices. ... Read more

Dankston Hughes

Dankston Hughes profile picture

Known by many as an ambassador of eloquence and sheer sophistication, Dankston Hughes is a bona fide magnate in terms of literature and constructing informative content releases. Much like his forefathers before him, he is comprised of many essential qualities that are necessary to carry on investigative journalism. ... Read more

Jeandre Gerber

Jeandre Gerber profile picture

Jeandre Gerber has dedicated more than 15 years of his life to cannabis research and general cannabis education. Having written well over 2000 cannabis related articles Jeandre is an ever growing voice of authority within the cannabis movement. Jeandre works closely with major marijuana organizations and implements his knowledge to educate the masses about the truth behind cannabis. In addition Jeandre has started his own community of Cannabis enthusiasts and works closely with the Cannabis culture to establish the legal marijuana trade. Follow more about Jeandre at his Cannabis Group called “Reefer Riot” and you can also personally follow his activities by visiting his Fan page Read more

Lindsey Steinberg

Lindsey Steinberg profile picture

Lindsey is a passionate writer, dedicated to providing the people with honesty saturated articles. She has found her niche as a burgeoning blogger within the medical marijuana community and considers this field to be her most rewarding journey thus far.... Read more

Jonathan Michael

Jonathan Michael profile picture

Marketing Director and Executive of Business Development for Medical Cannabis Network.... Read more

Kerry-Lee Glinski Draizin

Kerry-Lee Glinski Draizin profile picture

Coming Soon... Read more

Dylan Bozeman

Dylan Bozeman profile picture

My name is Dylan, I'm a writer for Green Wellness, and I'd like to be a cannabis writer for Read more

Chronic Cutie

Chronic  Cutie profile picture

Cannabis loving comrades behold, our time has come. This spinning globe we exist on is moving so fast towards marijuana reform that I am truly high on life. I have always been a buff of the bud and now it’s time to put on my big girl panties and shout to the world.. I love a weed world!... Read more

Kay Dinsdale

Kay Dinsdale profile picture

Kay is a ghost writer and advocate for Marijuana Doctors, Pot Locator, 420 Friendly, and 420 Petition. ... Read more

tyler darnell

tyler darnell profile picture

Comign soon... Read more

Pinney Mishraki

Pinney  Mishraki profile picture

Hi. I'm head of content development and marketing at ... Read more

George Arden

George Arden profile picture is your comprehensive guide to recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, strains and doctors.... Read more

Filip Ilievski

Filip  Ilievski profile picture

*... Read more

Nancy Jones

Nancy Jones profile picture

Please  visit our Facebook page.  Badass dabs ... Read more

Rachael Sloan

Rachael Sloan profile picture

Educating patients on growing their own medicinal marijuana.... Read more

Christal Collins

Christal Collins profile picture

I'm an experienced writer with a heavy-background in cannabis, but those two aspects of my life somehow never seemed to overlap. Now, with where the industry is headed, I'm interested in getting my creative foot in the door.... Read more

Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller profile picture

A advocate for cannabis and its many medical uses. My goal is to get the medical information to those people in need of it.... Read more

Joey Wynn

Joey  Wynn profile picture

1Hour Break - Enjoy Life. Experience More. ... Read more

kashif zaman

kashif zaman profile picture

I want to contribute to your website with quality unique content. And hoping some quality back links from your website. ... Read more

Sativant Sativant

Sativant Sativant profile picture

Medical Marijuana Marketing, Website Design and Dispensary SEO, Doctor Consulting... Read more

kabir hassan

kabir hassan profile picture

... Read more

L Browning

L Browning profile picture

Prohibition is not about people getting HIGH. It is about Pharmaceutical Companies, Oil Companies, and Food Companies control of our lives. ... Read more

Anjanette Beesley

Anjanette  Beesley  profile picture

Activist for 30 years... Read more

John March

John March profile picture

Registered MMMP patient/caregiver.... Read more

Jennifer Dowden

Jennifer Dowden profile picture

Not sure just what you expect here, but I have passionately writ ten EXTENSIVE amounts of information on cannabis, and if you'd like to see examples of my work, I'd be happy to provide it.... Read more

Ruth Joanne Goodyear

Ruth Joanne Goodyear profile picture

2 years on medical cannabis changed my life after an axonal diffusion brain injury. I am committed to advocacy,activism and cannabis education. I am a registered nurse/social work who is passionate about educating health care providers. I was once convinced by the oppressive medical model to see cannabis as a drug. Today i seeit as my living medicine and I am thriving! Cannabis has opened up my vision and perspective on the world and society in a brand new light. I am currently a professor at Herzing College. And I work in a the Schizophrenia program CAMH. I am teaching all my colleqagues.and its very challenging to break through this medical programming. I want to help the Marijuana Doctors in any way I can be feective to the cause. Enthusiastically. Ruth Joanne Goodyear I manage a face gtoup called MAD in Toronto where I practice my activism. ... Read more

Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas profile picture

i love empowering people to transform their health using Cannabis Energy Medicine. ... Read more

Erika Klus

Erika Klus  profile picture

Pharmacist turned tumor patient. Cannabis works for the pain! ... Read more

Tony Bua

Tony Bua profile picture

... Read more

Daniel DeLuca

Daniel DeLuca profile picture

I am an excellent writer, blogger, copy editor, ghost writer, etc. Im working on writing a couple Amazon Kindle Ebooks, and guest writing on a few blogs, and im currently on and with my services being offered in online sales, copy writing, ad writing, ghosting writing, kindle ebook writing, editing, etc, and social media marketing and handling of an individual or business's social media platform such as facebook, instagram, linkedin, pintrest, etc.... Read more

Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson profile picture

Female... Read more

Eric Landen

Eric Landen profile picture

Author of The Newbie's Guide To Medicinal Cannabis... Read more

Russell Edger

Russell  Edger profile picture

Diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and needed Narchotic drugs to kill pain and being able too smoke marijuna I was able too relax and not use as much narchotics as pescribed and also increased my appetite during radiation, chemo and when I was loosing the weight... ... Read more

John Jeffrey Emerson

John Jeffrey Emerson profile picture

i smoke for my H.P.... Read more

John Fouts

John Fouts profile picture

I am a life long learner. One field of interest that has always been of the utmost importance to me is that of cannabis research. Activism, legal reform, and medical research to help patients in need of access to the plant for better quality of life are the legs of a three pronged stool that make up the foundation of which the essence of my cannabis interest stems from. That stem has grown into a wealth of knowledge that I would enjoy sharing with the community. ... Read more

Hanna Anderson

Hanna Anderson profile picture

O’Neill Moon Quedado LLP... Read more

Ian Abernathy

Ian Abernathy profile picture

Ian Abernathy is a freelance cannabis writer based in Portland, Oregon. Abernathy is a longtime medical marijuana advocate who specializes in covering the legal marijuana job market..... Read more

Tara Bernal

Tara Bernal profile picture

Representing who has been helping people beat drug tests for over 7 years. They were featured in Maxim Magazine and rated as the #1 Synthetic Urine Solution. They have been providing tested solutions, proven THC detox products and drug testing kits to pass any urine, saliva, and hair test for pre-employment, random, military, and even supervised drug tests.... Read more

Christian Bogner

Christian Bogner profile picture

Autism and Cannabis research ... Read more

Christian Bogner

Christian Bogner profile picture

Physician Cannabis researcher Plant based Nutrition, Cornell... Read more

test test

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test ... Read more

blogger test

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test... Read more