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Medical Marijuana and Angina Pectoris

What Is Angina Pectoris?

Angina pectoris, commonly referred to as just "angina", is a chest pain due to ischemia of the heart muscle due to obstruction or spasms of the coronary arteries. Ischemia can be referred to as a restriction in blood supply to certain tissues, which can cause a shortage of both oxygen and glucose, two vital components that are absolutely necessary for cellular metabolism. Ischemia is generally caused by problems with the blood vessels, and can result in damage or dysfunction of bodily tissues. The main cause of angina pectoris is coronary artery disease, which is normally attributed to atherosclerosis of the arteries feeding the heart.

Medical Marijuana and Angina Pectoris

Although there is a weak relationship between the severity of pain and degree of oxygen deprivation associated in the heart muscle, angina pectoris can be an extremely serious condition that can result in death if not treated properly. Patients that suffer from average to severe cases of angina pectoris have an increased percentage of death of around 60% before the age of 55. However, patients who are seeking an alternative treatment option in that of cannabis are in for a treat and may find alleviation of symptoms associated with pectoris angina.

There are three distinct effects that cannabinoids have had on the body in reference to those who suffer from cardiac complications. Medical marijuana for patients suffering from angina pectoris may experience increased blood flow and a slight decrease in heart rate. Tolerance to the cardiovascular effects of cannabis on the heart develops within seven to ten days of high marijuana use.

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