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Medical Marijuana and Amyloidosis

What Is Amyloidosis?

Amyloidosis is varieties of conditions that creates normally soluble proteins to become insoluble and are deposited in various spaces in organs or tissues. Due to the improper deposition of these proteins, it disrupts normal body functions. The clumping together of this abnormal proteins are called amyloid deposits. Primary diagnosis of amyloidosis can lead to conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, heart muscle damage, intestinal malabsorption, liver swelling, kidney failure, nephrotic syndrome and nerve problems. In other cases, it may lead to orthostatic hypotension, which causes a drop in blood pressure when an invidual stands up. Please note that primary amyloidosis is extremely rare of a condition. 

Medical Marijuana and Amyloidosis

If a patient's condition is caused by another disease, that disease should be treated in a very aggressive manner. If caught in time, this may drastically improve the symptoms a patient experiences or it may slow the disease from getting any worse. While some patients are okay with taking the more traditional pharmaceutical approach to treating amyloidosis, some patients do not respond very well to those treatments. This is where medical marijuana can serve as an exceptional alternative treatment option to this disease.

Medical marijuana can treat amyloidosis in a great variety of ways, all of which are very beneficial to a patient who is suffering. Marijuana serves as an anti-inflammatory and can provide the reduction of any swelling that goes on within the body. Marijuana is also great for alleviating any type of nausea that may be sustained during the patient's every day routine. Traditional methods of medicine, mainly involving opiates, can cause very difficult side effects that are hard to cope with, ironically enough like nausea. Marijuana that is very high in CBD levels have been shown to be capable of reducing pain, inflammation, stomach cramps, nausea and the potential of arthritis.

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