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Medical Marijuana and Sinusitis

Medical Marijuana and Sinusitis Congestion 

When it comes to congestion, expectorants are the favorite medication. Thus far, medical marijuana has not been found to serve as an expectorant. However, medical marijuana has been shown to be a bronchodilator. This can help individuals who have sinusitis and difficulty breathing breathe a little easier. The build up of mucus, sore throat and postnasal drip can make it hard to breathe. Of course, medical marijuana should not be smoked if one is having difficulty breathing. A physician can suggest a better method of ingestion such as eating the medication or using a vaporizer. 

Medical Marijuana and Headache Associated with Sinusitis 

Medical marijuana can have a similar effect as codeine in that it can relieve as much pain as codeine in cancer patients, according to one study. It is a known pain reliever. However, many pain relievers are not successful in relieving headaches. That is not the case for marijuana. Individuals with some of the most painful headaches possible -- migraine and cluster headaches -- have had positive results using medical marijuana to relieve their headache pain. 

Medical Marijuana and Sinus Pain from Sinusitis 

As mentioned above, medical marijuana is an analgesic. It can relieve nerve pain, headache pain, muscle pain and more. Trials have shown it can reduce dependency on opiates by replacing their pain relieving effects. They can relieve pain in chronic pain sufferers. They can even provide relief for treatment resistant pain. Sinusitis can cause pain in the nose, face, throat, ears and head. Medical marijuana can relieve that pain in people who respond well to it. Of course, alternative methods to inhalation should be discusses with a doctor to reduce the risk of further irritating the throat and sinuses. 

Medical Marijuana and Reduction of Inflammation in Sinusitis 

One area of study right now in medical marijuana research is medical marijuana and inflammation, particularly in Chron's disease. There is evidence that medical marijuana can relieve inflammation in individuals with digestive disorders. There is also testimony by marijuana users that it can relieve skin inflammations and other inflammatory ailments. Since inflammation accounts for some of the pain and discomfort associated with sinusitis, relief of that inflammation with medical marijuana can help relieve the other symptoms.

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