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Medical Marijuana and Amphetamine Dependency

What Is Amphetamine Dependency?

Amphetamine dependence is a compulsive disease that revolves around frequent use of amphetamines, methamphetamines or MDMA and ecstasy. The frequent use of any of these drugs can directly result in clinically significant impairment of daily bodily functions and abilities. Amphetamine dependence can be taken by oral supplement, intravenous routes, snorting through the nasal passages and inhaling by use of smoke. 

Medical Marijuana and Amphetamine Dependency

Intoxication by amphetamines can cause individuals to overdose and go for extended periods without any rest or food, leading to an exhaustive state of mine and constant fatigue. Chronic abuse of these drugs leads to legal problems, depression, occupational failure and becoming a social outcast. Treatment for amphetamine dependency can be found in medical marijuana, as medical marijuana is a good treatment for those who suffer from anxiety and severe depression. Similar to other prescription opiates taken by people trying to cope with severe anxiety and depression, marijuana forms a suppressant against these feelings. The effects of medical marijuana stem away from distress, grief or loss and can only create a more positive daily routine.

Medical marijuana has been a proven factor in helping individuals who are addicted to prescription pills, alcohol and narcotics. Through its exceptional ability to help wean patients off of their poison of choice, marijuana remains a popular choice as the healing plant. With an entirely extensive history of being used as a healing medicine, dating back to somewhere in 2737 B.C., cannabis has been one of the most fundamental herbs in Chinese medicine

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