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Medical Marijuana and Mania

What Is Mania?

Mania is best described as a state of abnormally elevated or irritable mood, arousal or other energy levels. In a certain sense of the term mania, it is the opposite of depression. Mania is a criterion for certain psychiatric diagnoses. In addition to mood disorders similar to mania, the individual who suffers from this condition may exhibit manic behavior because of either intoxication due to alcohol, drugs or most notably any form of stimulants. Mania is often associated with bipolar disorder, as episodes of mania may alternate with episodes of major depression. It is vital that mania be predicted in the early stages of development because otherwise the patient will become reluctant to comply with any form of treatments.

Medical Marijuana and Mania

Mania can vary in intensity, ranging from a form of mild mania, known as hypomania, to a full-blown mania that has psychotic features such as hallucinations, delusion, suspiciousness and catatonic behavior. In some cases, a preoccupation with thoughts and schemes may lead to an occurrence of self-neglect. A single manic episode is sufficient to diagnose bipolar I disorder and hypomania may be indicative of bipolar II disorder. However, if any prominent psychotic symptoms are present for a duration that is significantly longer than the mood episode, a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder could be more appropriate.

Mania can be treated very effectively with medical marijuana, as many mood disorders have the tendency to be alleviated with. Medical marijuana leaves patients with a better state of mental health, emotional health, spirituality, and socially more functioning. Due to psychoactive effects in cannabis, this plant can serve as a mood alteration for those who have uncontrollable outbursts.

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