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Medical Marijuana and Dysthymic Disorder

What Is Dysthymic Disorder?

Dysthymia, otherwise known as neurotic depression, dysthymic disorder and chronic depression, is a mood disorder that consists of the same cognitive and physical problems associated with depression. However, dysthymic disorder is less severe but has longer-lasting symptoms that may persist for up to two years. This is classified as a serious state of chronic depression and is less acute and severe than other major depressive disorders. Those who suffer from this disorder may experience symptoms for many years before it becomes actually diagnosed, if diagnosed at all.

Medical Marijuana and Dysthymic Disorder

For many patients who suffer from depression, medical marijuana directly helps improve their many functional aspects of life. This includes things such as their ability to take care of themselves, attendance records at school or an occupation, social interactions, sleep and the ability to think and decipher. Cannabis may also alleviate the anxiety that is most commonly associated with depression. The pain relieving properties of medical marijuana can also help reduce depression that is related to chronic pain and other ailments.

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