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Medical Marijuana and Residual Limb Pain

What Is Residual Limb Pain?

The term residual limb pain typically refers to the part of the body that remains after an amputation has been performed. If you are a patient who have had a lower extremity amputation above the knee, the part of your thigh that remains after the amputation is called the residual limb.

The rehabilitation process after an amputation involves proper care of your residual limb. Patients must always ensure that the surgical incision heals properly and is always tended to in the most appropriate manner. Phantom limb pain is a complex and confusing phenomenon that may occur after you have had an amputation.

Medical Marijuana and Residual Limb Pain

Patients who suffer from residual limb pain have come to discover the pain-relieving properties of marijuana as an alternative medicine. This alternative remedy has been used to treat a wide variety of painful symptoms associated with residual limb pain. Due to the fact that marijuana is used to treat pain under such diverse circumstances, this miracle plant appears to be a promising source of analgesic medications to relieve residual limb pain.

Each component of marijuana is capable of providing an exceptional form of relief for one of the many symptoms associated with this chronic or debilitating condition. If you feel that you would benefit from marijuana as an alternative medicine, please contact our service. 

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