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Medical Marijuana and Myasthenia Gravis

What Is Myasthenia Gravis?

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune and neuromuscular disease that is responsible for fluctuating muscle weakness and overall fatigue. Muscle weakness is caused by the body's many circulating antibodies that block acetylcholine receptors at the postsynaptic neuromuscular junction, inhibiting the excitatory effects of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine on nicotinic receptors at neuromuscular junctions. This particular condition is caused by a breakdown in the normal communication between nerves and muscles.

Muscle weakness caused by myasthenia gravis worsens as the affected muscle is used repeatedly. Because symptoms usually improve with rest, your muscle weakness may come and go. However, myasthenia gravis symptoms tend to progress over time, usually reaching their worst within a few years after the onset of the disease.

Medical Marijuana and Myasthenia Gravis

While there is currently no cure for myasthenia gravis, treatment can help relieve signs and symptoms, such as weakness of arm or leg muscles, double vision, drooping eyelids, and difficulties with speech, chewing, swallowing and breathing. The disease incidence is usually around three to thirty cases per million per year and continues to rise as a result of increased awareness.

As an alternative remedy, medicinal cannabis is an exceptional form of medicine for patients who suffer from myasthenia gravis. Marijuana has active ingredients that can lead to decreased feelings of stress and anxiety and even chronic pain. This is a great form fo medicine due to the fact that it allows the patient's muscles to relax and function in an appropriate and operational manner.

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