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Medical Marijuana and Neurofibromatosis

The overall severity in affected individuals who have Neurofibromatosis can vary greatly, which sometimes may be due to variable expressivity. Approximately half of all Neurofibromatosis cases are due to de novo mutations and no other affected family members are seen. Typically this affects males and females equally, but some individuals may have mosaic Neurofibromatosis, which means some but not all cells of the body carry the mutation.

As a bona fide alternative treatment option, medical marijuana has been proven remedy for patients who seek pain relief time, anti-inflammatory effects and the treatment of Neurofibromatosis. It is already known that marijuana can stimulate the appetite of patients, but researchers have learned that cannabinoids, in addition to having palliative benefits in cancer therapy, have been associated with anti-carcinogenic effects, which are responsible in preventing or delaying the development of cancer or tumor spread. Additionally, medical marijuana has been responsible for slowing tumor growth rates and shrinking them in size.

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