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Medical Marijuana and Hydromyelia

In damaging the nerve fibers, a wide variety of symptoms have been reported among patients. Typically, affected individuals experience muscle stiffness, weakness and chronic pain. Patients suffering from Hydromyelia may lose their ability to distinguish between hot and cold objects. Though the symptoms vary from person to person, many symptoms grow in strength and frequency over time. Additionally, the progression of symptoms depend on the location of the spinal cavity, and the speed in which it expands. 

Although the exact cause of Hydromyelia is unknown, it is directly linked to any obstructions that block the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid within the brain and spinal cord. Depending on the origin of the condition, it can either be Congenital - as in present from birth, or acquired Syringomyelia, which can occur as a result of trauma, tumor, meningitis and arachnoiditis. 

Although Syringomyelia/Hydromyelia can be surgically treated by draining the cavities and implanting shunts if necessary, there is a far less invasive treatment for immediate pain relief. Sativa-dominant strains are recommended for pain management, particularly muscle weakness and stiffness of arms, back, shoulders and legs. Medical marijuana can work to ease the pain from the highly affected areas including the back, neck and shoulders. 

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