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Medical Marijuana and Severe Vomiting

What Is Severe Vomiting?

Severe vomiting is characterized by severe episodes or severe cyclic episodes of nausea and vomiting that can last for hours or even days on end. This condition is capable of alternating within intervals that contain no symptoms sometimes. Sometimes severe vomiting can be directly related to what is known as CVC, or cyclic vomiting syndrome.


Cyclic vomiting syndrome was originally thought to be a pediatric disease, although it remains evident that this condition can occur within all age groups. Episodes of severe vomiting are considered similar to each previous one, meaning that each episode will tend to start at the same time of each day and will also last the same length of time. Typically these symptoms occur with the same level of intensity as well. In certain scenarios, vomiting episodes may be so severe that a patient has to stay in bed for days and cannot attend school or work.

Medical Marijuana and Severe Vomiting

Medical marijuana can easily be considered an up-and-coming alternative treatment that can effectively alleviate patients who suffer from severe vomiting attacks. When using medical marijuana, the episodes of vomiting are not only less frequent but they are less intense. The same can be said for the nausea that is typically associated with this condition. Appetite has been known to improve greatly and patients are able to keep episodes from flaring up as frequently when medicating.

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