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Medical Marijuana and Elevated Intraocular Pressure

What Is Elevated Intraocular Pressure?

Elevated intraocular pressure can be coined a term that is used to describe an intense amount of fluid pressure buildup in the inside of a patient's eye. Typically, this condition is discovered by a procedure that is called tonometry, and is used by many eye care professionals to determine the severity. Elevated intraocular pressure is an important aspect in the evaluation of patients who are at risk from a condition such as glaucoma. This specific condition can vary throughout the night and day in terms of severity and may increase in a patient's eyes if they have glaucomatous eyes. 

Medical Marijuana and Elevated Intraocular Pressure

The idea that medical marijuana can be effective in treating eye conditions dates way back to the early 1970's and is backed up by studies that were conducted. Studies showed smoking marijuana would have positive effects in trying to lower the IOP levels of people who suffer from an eye condition such as glaucoma. When marijuana is smoked or whenever a form of its active ingredient is taken, it is capable of effectively lowering a patient's IOP levels. Due to marijuana's lowering of a patient's IOP levels, you would need to smoke marijuana six to eight times a day around the clock to receive the benefit of a consistently lowered IOP levels to clear vision. 

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