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Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pancreatitis

What Is Chronic Pancreatitis?

Chronic pancreatitis is best defined as the inflammation of the pancreas, in which the condition does not heal or improve and eventually becomes worse and worse over time. If left completely untreated, chronic pancreatitis could be responsible for causing permanent, long-term damage. This condition typically develops when inflammation and scarring occurs in the general pancreas area. When scarring and inflammation becomes a problem, the pancreas is unable to make the right amount of enzymes to regulate the body. As a result, a patient’s body may be unable to digest fat or other important components of food. 

Medical Marijuana and Chronic Pancreatitis

Marijuana or cannabis is typically received as one of the most efficient and compassionate medical options that patients in certain states are able to indulge upon. Marijuana is extremely efficient at relieving symptoms of pain and nausea without any serious long-term side effects of any negative nature. Patients who have used medical marijuana to alleviate a condition such as chronic pancreatitis have noted that they have experienced great alleviation in terms of overall pain, an increase in appetite because of marijuana serving as a stimulator and increased digestion (if unable to digest before). Marijuana is an anti-inflammatory and is responsible for greatly decreasing any of the inflammatory responses that your body may produce when you have a condition such as chronic pancreatitis. 

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