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Medical Marijuana and Bruxism

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition that is best characterized by an individual grinding their teeth and constantly clenching their jaw. Bruxism is an oral parafunctional, or habitual exercise that is not typically common for that part of the body that occurs in most humans at some time within their lives. In most cases, bruxism is moderate enough to not be considered a major health problem. While this condition may be a diurnal or nocturnal activity, the time to monitor and take into serious consideration would be if bruxism occurs during sleep. This can be recognized as one of the most common sleep disorders among people.

Medical Marijuana and Bruxism

Although bruxism is referred to as a habit rather than a reflex activity, it is a subconscious process that goes unnoticed. In certain cases, bruxism can be rhythmic with bite force pulses comprised of only tenths of a second (similar to chewing). One bruxism becomes a habit; the original stimulus can be removed without ending the habit. Bruxism can occur in individuals due to how much stress they are under, how long and how tightly they clench and grind whether or not your teeth are misaligned, your overall posture and your ability to relax. People who suffer from severe anxiety and stress may have a moderate to high case of bruxism.


The good news is that medical marijuana can relieve most, if not all, symptoms associated with bruxism without having any dangerous side effects. Medical marijuana can serve as a great alternative treatment in regards to providing essentials such as anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, muscle relaxing, anti-stress and an overall alleviator of sleep disorders. Patients who medicate before bed time would have the ability to control their jaw muscles and not have their teeth clench and grind. Patients will almost instantly feel better when they wake up from receiving a relaxed and stress-free good night's sleep.

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