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Medical Marijuana and Cervical Disk Disease

Cervical disc degeneration is a common cause of neck pain, most frequently felt as a stiff neck. This condition is far more common than disc degeneration in the lumbar spine, mainly because the neck is generally subjected to far less torque and force. A fall or twisting injury to the disc space in the spine may cause degeneration and accumulated wear and tear on the disc over time. In addition to having low-grade symptoms such as a stiff neck or inflexible neck, many patients who suffer from cervical disc disease have feelings of numbness, tingling or even weakness in the arms, neck and shoulders.

Medical marijuana is an exceptional treatment option to help those who suffer from symptoms of this chronic disease. By alleviating most forms of pain associated with a stiff or inflexible neck, serving as a muscle relaxer in order to be able to turn your head and bringing sensation to the limbs, this is a great medicinal option if you are sick and tired of prescription opiates. Medical marijuana has been directly associated with being able to reduce the symptoms that are associated with this terrible disease.

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